Random Midnight Blog Post

I’m literally not sleeping at midnight because I’ve been wanting to write a blog to you guys for weeks now.   Weeks!  I was in bed, and decided to just get up and write whatever so I could fall asleep because fresh ideas kept popping in there like popcorn!   There are a few that I’ve started, stopped, and gone back to, nothing earth shattering, just stuff I’m thinking about, and then I get interrupted, lose the train of thought, and can’t rev the engines back up to finish it.  It’s SO frustrating.  I seriously want to blog like its my job, no really, like get paid for it.  However… To do that, you actually HAVE to blog like its your job before it really is.  I liken it to acting.  You work at your craft until someone discovers you, and because its your dream you live in dingy apartments and eat ramen to make it a reality.  The fatal flaw to that plan in my current reality… 

Not a terrible reality by any stretch….These four… cute as they are, like to eat.  A LOT.  Which requires me to keep working or learn farming… work seems easier.   They also need an education, quality time, discipline, and unsupervised (supervised) play because its 2017 and apparently parents are no longer EVER allowed to take their eyes off their children.  Which is challenging with two eyes and four kids that never sit still.  So my dream to be a travel blogger seeing the sites while enchanting the world with my written word will just have to keep waiting, because there are SERIOUSLY not enough hours in the day!

Even though I haven’t quite cracked the code on getting someone ELSE to pay for my travels, we are now T-ONE WEEK and counting to sailing in the Caribbean!!!  Y’all would be so proud, I managed to NOT fall off the work-out wagon!   We’re still a LONG way from loving it, or really even enjoying it, but my attempts at swim suit shopping kept nudging me out the door.   After approximately 25 online shopping fails, I found two I can live with.  Because the body transformation is moving along at a snails pace, I figured a new ‘do would speed the ‘transformation’ along.  I chopped quite a bit off and lightened it up getting ready for summer, whatcha’ll think?

My last attempt at vacay prep is a little more interesting….  It’s only April wk 1, which for y’all might not mean a whole bunch…. but for me, it means my legs have been in pants since approximately Halloween at the latest.  Why does that matter?   Well, because approximately one year into dating, Kevin casually made the comment he could care less about ‘that kind of stuff’ in reference to my humiliation at him seeing stubble on my legs.  We decided to see how far that comment extended.  15 years and four kids later, there is no way in hell I’m shaving my legs ‘for me’ between the months of October and shorts weather.   What this means is if you see me sweating my butt of in May, you know why.  I just haven’t found the time to get to it, and while it doesn’t seem to phase Kevin, the rest of the world is another story, and I just don’t have that much freedom to not care quite yet.

I thought it might be fun to have clean/clear legs/bikini for the duration of the trip, so I made an appointment at a local spa to tackle the effort this Monday.  I’m a little concerned, having never done this, and having friends warning me to ‘grow it out’…. clearly the spa might not be prepared for someone as committed to that effort as I am.  Also, my personal pep talk is circling my head like this…. “you had a baby in your own bed…. this can’t hurt worse than that…. right????”   Someone please tell me I’m right, cause I don’t want to scream in a spa…. you’re supposed to be zen there!

So that’s what you get for a midnight blog post…. Picture of a new hairstyle, anxieties over failed simple hygiene, the promise that I have a few other drafts started, and as soon as I can complete the trains of thought that started them I’ll share, along with the confession I want to write SO SO SO much more.   Pray for the time, space, mental capacity to get to it…. to make time for it…. It’s what I love, it makes me feel so happy sending words out into the world, connecting when I feel so isolated in my house.

Love y’all SO much, and can’t wait to share stories/pictures from paradise!!!


  1. Lindsay Tolar says:

    I’m awake after midnight so I’m glad you blogged!!! This made me smile, laugh and miss you like crazy. XOXO, Lindsay

  2. kacinpoint says:

    1) Our writing bursts are completely synced. Seriously. If I still had a uterus I’m quite certain we’d be pms’ing together. 2) Love, love, love the new do! I think you just inspired me to chop mine off (again). 3) It really does hurt that bad. I laid on a table at a spa in Old Town with silent tears streaming down my cheeks and into my hair. Budget to treat yourself to something REALLY nice as soon as it’s done. <3

  3. Kaley says:

    Hey Julie! Some how I got off the mailing list and I realized it had been awhile since hearing from you so I popped on over here and realized I had missed SO MUCH…I also can’t seem to find your email address, but I think of you often because last summer we moved back to the Round Rock area for work, love getting to catch up on the Alspaugh family 🙂 miss you guys!!

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