Growing Little Men


These guys… Don’t let their cuteness fool you.   They specialize in selective hearing, leaving a wake of destruction nearly a mile wide in their path, and consuming more food than some full grown men. They are as different as three people could be, one is an inquisitive miniature adult, then a comedian, and finally my little lover.

I’ve never really viewed them as boys, though they are ALL boy in every sense of the word.   They view furniture not as something to sit on, but a mountain to climb and repel from, toys as weapons, art supplies as fodder for mayhem, and each other as best friends and mortal enemies.  When I look at them, I cringe a little at the current chaos, trying my absolute BEST to embrace it and cherish it because it IS going fast, but I don’t see boys…. I see the men.

I wrote about the heartbreaking realization that all to soon, these little men will be grown and gone, and if I think about it too much it just makes me want to try for another…. which has the hubs convinced I’ve absolutely lost my mind.  Seriously.  At the dinner table sometimes he just stares at me, and the chaos going on around us, and says ‘on purpose…. you want to do this again…. on purpose?’  And I say yes…. how can you NOT want to do THIS on purpose?!?

Baby A 2 DSCN3289 IMG_0129

For the chaos they bring, the bring more laughter and joy to compensate…. They make me come alive…. and then try to kill me everyday…. it IS a tangled web we weave 😉



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