Growing Dreams


Funny story…. God told me to Home School.  It was one of those really fun conversations where I laughed at God, and told Him He was crazy, and He’s like ‘yeah, but I’m serious’.  So then I promptly freaked out that there was NO WAY I could teach calculus and chemistry, and I was going to totally fail my child, till I was reminded that this was just Kindergarten and some math and reading might not be the end of the World.

As I slowly got on board with the idea, another idea popped into my head, we’ll call it my motivating factor.  Shortly after I got married, about the same time I got my first full time job where I finally had money to spend, but only 2wks of vacation time a year to spend it on, I stumbled across these ’round the world plane tickets’.  The idea behind the ticket; as long as you continue in the same direction around the world, you can stop at as many destinations as you want over the course of 1 year.  I wanted to go SO bad, but it just wasn’t in the cards.  Fast forward 10 years and the idea resurfaces as the ULTIMATE motivator for home education.

Dream with me if you will friends….

I somehow manage to give my kids some semblance of an education through these primary years, and we make it to high school where I’m already planning to outsource the fundamentals (math, science, etc…).  How incredible would it be, if for three years, as a family, we studied the cultures, economies, topographies, languages, and environments of the world.   Then, as the culmination to our Home school adventure we buy the RTW (round the world) tickets…. pick 24 locations (2 a month) and set off for a year on the greatest adventure EVER.  It just get’s me SO fired up!  Before I lose my men to lives of their own, wives, kids, careers, etc.. we would have this memory that would stay with all of us for the rest of our lives!  We’re doing it… its going to happen.

In all honesty I have NO idea how this would work out.  I’d want the whole family to go, but there is this thing called real life, jobs, bills and stuff that exist, so figuring that out would be a challenge…. but I’ve got like 13 years to noodle on it.  Also, if God’s gonna call me to it and put a dream like this in my heart to keep me motivated, then I can believe that He’ll be there to help me move mountains in achieving this goal!

So there it is… audacious as all get out, but that’s what dreams are supposed to be right?  God says ‘write the vision; make it plain, so that he who reads it can run’ Habakkuk 2:2…. This is me writing the vision down, and these posts…. our adventures along the way, reflect us running towards it!

Whatcha think???? I'd love to know!

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