2011… Let’s Do This!

It would be unrealistic to have expectations of topping the epic year that 2010 marked in our lives. However, in my opinion some of the greatest achievements can come from setting, and then realizing unrealistic expectations… So with that, I am setting out on 2011, with equally high expectations, against a radically different backdrop.

2010, while absolutely fantastic, was all about outward change. Changing the dynamic of our marriage with Kevin graduating, changing the size of our family by welcoming Logan, changing our surroundings with a move across the country, churches, jobs, and a change in friendships from local to long distance and meeting new friends along the way. Yes, there was a LOT of change in 2010, and I LOVED every minute of it.

My goal for 2011 is to realize an equally dramatic inward change.

What will that look like? I haven’t a clue. The one thing I know is it will be a challenge in self discipline, patience, faith, and forgiveness.

So what would this look like if I were to make a list of the standard ‘resolutions’ for the New Year…. Maybe a little something like this:

– Limit my T.V. to 4 hours a week (Including weekends… Ouch!)… Modern Family you will ALWAYS make the cut! (Yes, I’m sure some weeks 5 or 6 hours might creep in, but its a goal people… something for me to strive toward)
– Limit my Facebook Time to 15 minutes a day… just enough to read the updates, make a comment or two, and get out. (Same as above… I’m sure we’ll have the occasional brain fart, where I end up looking at the clock and hour later, wondering what happened…)

Sooooo… What am I going to do with all of my new found time???? (And looking at the above two goals… I think there is gonna be quite a bit of time ๐Ÿ™‚ I think I’ll start with the below, and see where it goes from there.

– Up my ‘work out’ regime from ‘nothing’ to ‘something’… I plan to have a more tangible goal by the end of the month… but for now, the goal is to FIND something.

– Create a weekly menu for the family, in an effort to limit waste and improve our diet

– Read the Bible Cover to Cover… I’ve wanted to do this for a long time, but man ~2000 pages is pretty intimidating! 2011… This is OUR year!

– Get more involved in our church and community.

I think from reading the above goals, the challenge in Self Discipline is apparent. The by-products of my attempts at the above, will be learning to practice PATIENCE, by accepting my ‘resolution’ won’t effect a change over night, FAITH, that through perseverance and relying on God the changes I want to see for myself will not only take hold, but stick… and being able to FORGIVE the inevitable bumps in the road that will disrupt me, without completely derailing my efforts!

When I asked myself WHY I wanted to do this, and put my goals out there for the world to see, two answers came back. First, I wanted the accountability.
I’m not cynical about much, but when it comes to resolutions I am. I’ve always thought they were mouth service, a warm fuzzy that you wanted to change something, but never did. Well… now I have to either put up or shut up… cause its out there, in black and white.

The second answer is a little trickier to explain, and multi-faceted.

In the past I’ve been comfortable in my faith… I go to church, partake in small groups, and continue working on being faithful in giving of my “time, talents, and treasures”. However, as our family grows, and our boys become more cognizant of our character and beliefs, demonstrating what I’ve witnessed a faithful life to be, will speak volumes over any church attendance record, or year end charitable donations receipt, and that is what I want to model for them.
However, something I’ve struggled with over the years is accepting others attempts at changing, when I didn’t know it was something they were consciously working on. When I woke up one morning and someone I thought I’d known well, is suddenly talking/behaving differently, I couldn’t help but wonder what in the world is going on, who IS this?!? I also understand that when I’m the one working on the change, there likely will be some in my life that don’t understand it or just won’t accept it… I’m to the point now, where I’m o.k. with that…. It’s obviously my hope that everyone that reads this will think, “awesome, totally support it, whatever that means”, cause like I said before, I don’t really have any expectations for what it could be… just hoping people will roll with me on this.

Don’t worry… I’m not going to be bringing in 2012 holding a sign proclaiming “The end of the world is near” ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Angela says:

    Jules, you can COUNT on support from me!!! I did the Daniel Fast (with a few exceptions….) when I was going through the hardest years of my life and the blessings I received (despite the circumstances or the outcomes) from God were amazing. I still reminisce about it because I went through such a dramatic growth period that no one could tell me until I actually experienced it. I’m so happy for you and will be praying for you. You can do it!! Love you lots, Ang

  2. . says:

    Thanks Ang ๐Ÿ™‚ I knew I could count on you! You are one awesome mama and certainly someone I look up too! Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. rgknif says:

    Miss Jewels,

    While I have always admired your ambition, resolve and support of your Mom, I just wanted you to know that Mama on the Move is now on my list of favorites… Your insight and ability to listen to that Small Quiet Voice is uplifting and affirming. Many years ago I,too, felt moved to fast and pray. I learned that when I wasn’t listening to my body’s wants and cravings, I was more able to hear that Small, Quiet Voice in my malnourished spirit…I heard Admonitions and Questions that humbled and surprised me by the depth and scope of Love. I never felt closer and more content with my relationship to God before or, for that matter, since, that time… I don’t feed my Spirit nearly as well as I feed my body, and when I read your posts, I realized this truth.. Thank you for your tranparency and your willingness to share. May your Journey be blessed with peace,insight and grace. I love you, Dear!! Aunt Berly

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