Above All you can Ask, Think, or Imagine

You guys.   YOU GUYS?!?  Again, I’m finding myself speechless… which means I have to write all the words I can’t figure out how to say out loud, because they are bubbling up and over top and they need some place to go, so the key board.  We go to the key board and I type, when I want to tell everyone and no one at exactly the same time.

So I told y’all about the new job, that I accepted the offer 12 hours after we got the ratified contract on the house.  What I didn’t say, was that it was just the verbal acceptance.  Systems and processes take time in Corporate America, so I JUST got the official offer letter today.

My mind CAN. NOT. keep up with how ridiculously, abundantly, ABOVE, ALL that I could ASK, THINK, or IMAGINE everything with this move is turning into.  I need to document it all in one place, so some day I can show this to my kids as proof positive that you cannot deny God.  You point His awesomeness out to the World and celebrate how incredible He is, and do so with GREAT humility, shock, and awe…. because I’m writing this shaking my head not understanding why He’s being THIS good to me?  To my family.  Part of the hard part in wanting to scream and shout and let it all out, is being mindful that I have a TON of friends hanging out in the ‘wait’.  They are faithful.  SO full of faith, believing, and waiting patiently… and some days impatiently (as we all do).  I know they’ll be excited for me, thrilled to see God’s goodness as proof that theirs too is coming, and by golly it IS!  I believe that with every fiber of my being, because I know these people, and I know AWESOME people!

So to catch you up to speed on all the small and BIG ways He’s been blowing my mind recently….  we’ll start with the small and grow.

You need boxes when you move.  It’s a fact.  I went to the grocery store and snagged as many banana boxes as I could.  It was a solid start.  Not for God. He’s like… awe, sweet pea, I got this.  Here, let’s have a family move in RIGHT next door this weekend and agree to give you all their boxes as they unpack?  Um… Sure God, that sounds great thanks.

Y’all are well aware of my internal struggle with Home Schooling.  I did it SOLELY because God sucked all the peace out of the world for me when I was thinking about enrolling Caleb for Kindergarten in the public system, and deposited all that peace, grace, and mercy, much to my dismay, into a plan to Home school him and then Logan.  I’ve somewhat begrudgingly continued down this path for the last 4 years, because He continued to make a way.  I’m tired.  I’ve told Him this.  I wanted a break.  As we’ve been going down this path investigating school options in NC, I’ve been trying to do so keeping both options open, praying for a sign that I could go the public school route.  Then it happened.   I was telling a girlfriend from NC about the move, and our house.  She looked up our address and shoots me a text that her cousin is the guidance counselor for the elementary school we’re zoned for?!?  Shut the front door…. I kid you not!  My friend connected me to her cousin via email and we’ll be meeting for coffee in July when we get down there.

Then… THEN… because there is more???

Maggie, our Au Pair, is moving with us, however her contract expires at the end of August.   With the revelation that I’m released to put my bigs in public school, this opens up a few other options in the best way to manage my home.  We’ve loved the Au Pair program, and its certainly still in the running, however wasn’t something I necessarily wanted to jump right back into come September.  There are some good pre-schools in the area, and other options to look at.   However, with starting a new job, I definitely needed/wanted someone around to help while I searched out other options.  God had/has a plan.  My girlfriend from church, mentioned a mutual acquaintance that was also feeling God calling her to the Raleigh area, but has been unsuccessful in finding a job and there were a few other factors not falling into place yet to release her.  I half teasingly mentioned that if she was open to watching my kids for a bit, I’d happily put her up and pay her a little extra to help her get on her feet in the area and give her closer proximity to figure out what was next for her.   Apparently that was no laughing matter to God, because my girlfriend gave me her number, I texted the proposal, and we’ll be meeting this Monday evening to discuss details as she was VERY interested.

Finally… the icing on the cake.  The email that left me speechless this morning.

As we’re walking down this path, we’ve had choices to make surrounding how we’ll finance the home.  Not to go into too many boring details, but it was important to us to avoid paying the useless PMI (Mortgage insurance), but to do so you generally have to bring more to the table up front to avoid.  We don’t have that kinda cash hanging out in our checking at any given moment, so investigated the impact of taking a loan from my 401k.  It looked like the best option for us, so we decided to do it.  After processing that paperwork the repayment method would be automatic deductions from my paycheck beginning with the July 5th pay-period.  The offer I got today, effective with the July 5th pay period, will more than cover the deduction that we would have seen!!!!

Speechless.  Staring at the screen… reading, and re-reading, this email to make sure I’m actually seeing it properly.  I CAN. NOT. make this stuff up?!?  This is well beyond my imagination of being able to think this kind of stuff up.

Also, because I said we’d grow, and we finish with the MOST important thing…. It’s Logan’s birthday.  Today.  This sweet FULL of life boy that is mine.  I get to celebrate ALL this goodness with the people that mean the absolute most in the world to me, and that is the best divine timing of all 🙂


  1. Melissa McQuillen says:

    Tears. I finally grabbed a hot second over here in my own whirlwind and I’m tearing up all over the place. Amazing. Happy and transition tears. 🙂 love you, Julie. So much.

  2. Kaley says:

    This is awesome Julie!! So excited for your family 😀 I love hearing about the faithfulness of God…He’s SO GOOD!

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