Festivus of Flowers

Tulips, Blue Bonnets, and now Cherry Blossom’s. It kinda makes me wonder what other places I could live that would create entire spring festivals, parades, fire works, you name it, simply in celebration of a flower? Is there someplace I could travel that would pay homage to the petunia, snap dragon, or hibiscus? Are there many other cities out there, where car loads of people will pull off along the side of a highway simply to capture their families next Christmas Card shot? Do other cities threaten jail time and substantial fines if their precious blossoms are bamboozled? (o.k. I just wanted an excuse to use that word).

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the hype. I even perpetuated it for three years of high school as a Dutch Dancer in the Tulip Time parades. However, the motivation there was tainted by the 2+ weeks of excused absences we received for our efforts. I also enjoy all the photo ops that come from these naturally beautiful backdrops.

Case and Point:
Spring 2010 (Austin, Texas Blue Bonnets)

Spring 2011 (DC Cherry Blossom Festival):

One thing is for sure, DC is certainly giving my long held belief, that autumn is the best season, a run for its money! With a few 65+ degree days already this spring, beautiful tree’s and so much to do and see, this is certainly the best place we’ve been to experience spring. Michigan was still thawing from an Ice Storm, and Texas is already seeing 80+ days…. Yes, I think I may have found the perfect latitude for experiencing the best every season has to offer!

Whatcha think???? I'd love to know!