“A Snowpocalyptic Frankenstorm”…..  Really….. I’m hoping this is a dramatic overstatement, at least for those of us three hours inland of the eastern seaboard.  I gotta give the meteorologists some credit for creatively looping in Halloween to their naming convention.  Although with a name like that, I’m not sure even covering costumes in black garbage bags, to avoid the elements, and calling ourselves the California Raisens would fly.  When you grow up in Michigan you become fairly adept at updating Halloween costumes to accomodate a 40-50 degree swing, and possible rain, sleet, snow or a combination of all three.

I guess with “Snowmaggedon” already used, they had to make a stretch to find something equally news worthy to incite the masses.  “Snowpocalyptic Frankenstorm”.  They were successful.  Water is sold out.  Batteries are gone.  The canned soup aisle was looking a little sparse.  I don’t do much when it comes to emergency response preparedness.  I have 3 gallons of water, a flash light, and a good book.   Kevin built a fort for the boys…. however this occurs almost weekly, so I don’t really accept it as emergency planning, unless there was gonna be a dig on the cleanliness of my house… which at times could be warrented.

I was just thankful to get the coveted family pic’s outta the way before we had to figure out how to photo shop out shivering lips and snot, or coordinate jackets into the picture!  Yes, the insanity has passed.  There were smiles.  Clean clothes.  Groomed appearences.  Success.  I can’t wait to see the finished product… given my family are just about the only ones following my antics, you’ll see the fruits of my labor in a mailbox near you soon 🙂

Pray we don’t actually lose power, else the inmates might take over the asylum!

Whatcha think???? I'd love to know!