It’s A GIRL!!!!!

*Disclaimer: No Children were harmed in the creation of this post…. Well physical harm anyway.  We won’t be able to assess psychological harm for a decade or two ;)*

“It’s a good thing mom’s getting a GIRL, FINALLY, cause THIS is just awkward….. ”


When I post things, I tend to do so trusting that the people reading them know me well enough to understand and appreciate what a total spaz I am that holds little (if anything) sacred and tends to take very little seriously.  So when I post a picture of my sweet son, wearing an outfit I CAN. NOT. WAIT to put my daughter in.  (DAUGHTER…. AAAAAAHHHHH) I trust you will smile and enjoy this incredible moment with me, rather than fearing for my childrens lives, convinced I’m an unfit mother.  This is my tribe, whom I love dearly.  If they grow up with a tough skin because we’ve laughed at each other and ourselves for their whole lives then cool… and if in a decade I’m having hard conversations about how they didn’t appreciate my decisions, I’ll truthfully confess my total ignorance at how in the world you are supposed to raise tiny humans, and pray I’ve taught them well about forgiveness.

YOU GUYS……I’M HAVING A GIRL!!!!!!  We found out just before Christmas, and after sharing the incredible news in person with as many as I could connect with, its ready for the world wide web.  My friends are the best and have already showered sweet little miss with some adorable swag, and…. well…. it just seemed fitting in our little family of crazies that a dress up party was in order to facilitate the big reveal!


The sonogram was quite the experience.  We took the whole fam, and it was the day before we drove home for Christmas, so the boys were bouncing off the walls.  The appointment was at an imaging center that serviced all manner of imaging needs so the waiting room was full of people, only a handful pregnant.  I could feel the eyes on the back of my head as the boys ran circles while we waited to be called back.  The boys were TOTALLY enamored with the images on the screen, and as the stenographer moved her wand over the area that would reveal if our future held another son or a daughter.   I was SURE a very important piece of equipment was missing.  The technician was not so quick to announce though, even going as far as saying baby wasn’t cooperating, until she was satisfied with a clear shot.  She asked Caleb if he had a guess, and he quickly responded with “Girl”, to which she responded “You’re Right.”   And the world shifted on its axis.

I’m having a DAUGHTER!  Talk about the GREATEST Christmas present of ALL time!!!

For as long as we’ve been together, Kevin’s responses to exciting news has always been more ‘subdued’ than I  would prefer.  He counters that it would be ridiculous for a man to jump up and down clapping and screaming to great news.  Whatever.  Your life would be full of fun if you did, but that’s your prerogative.  Either way, I couldn’t help but smile when texting later about my excitement: “Can you believe it, we’re having a girl?!?”  He responded with an unprompted “YAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!  So Excited”…. Which in my world I imagined him jumping up and down while typing, so its about as close as we’ll ever get to his best response EVER!

In the three weeks since I’ve known, my days are fill with the most wonderful day dreams.  Names.  Experiences that will BE in my future now.  Hair Do’s.  Clothes/dresses.  How ridiculously sweet it will be to watch the boys love on, protect, and entertain their baby SISTER.  If you’re wondering if I wish that we’d waited for the surprise on D-day?  Not a bit…. it’s like a sweet gift of 20 additional weeks in my life of the most glorious indulgent day dreams anyone that has navigated 7 year of boy world could imagine.  Will life look like my day dreams?  In all reality most likely not, but I’m o.k. with that.  I’ll dream anyway and embrace reality when it comes…. in the form of the sweetest little baby girl that has ever existed.

We CAN. NOT. WAIT. to introduce her to the world, and look forward to sharing all the joy God has blessed us with!  I’m absolutely dumbfounded and remain in awe at God’s goodness.  Its more extravagant than I could possibly imagine, and I certainly don’t deserve it, but will give thanks for it as long as I live!


  1. kacinpoint says:

    I was seriously planning to stop by today so you could tell me in person. Stupid snow! BTW: if your daughter (how fun is that! YOUR DAUGHTER!!) is half as pretty as AJ in ruffles, she’s gonna be a BEAUTY!!

    • Julie says:

      Stupid snow is right! We’ll have to make it work later this week or next cause I miss you!! AJ was a champ in the outfit, and I wonder if little miss will take after her older brothers and be an enormous baby, or petite like AJ… cause he squeezed his almost 18mo old body into that 6month onesie like a BOSS 😉 and owned it!

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