Lotto Ball Brain

A very random blog post, because that is where my brain exists these days in a state of perpetual chaos.

Last week I left my house for a total of three hours.  Three.  No one was sick, there was no reason, other than the simple fact, that I never left.  Everyone else managed to get out everyday.  Kevin went to work, the boys went to parks, museums, adventures around the neighborhood with Hannah, I simply forgot to prioritize leaving. Who knew that was actually something that needed to be done.

Before baby and home school, my slow times at work meant I could volunteer at the church, grab coffee in the morning, or lunch in the afternoon with some girl friends.  Now, I’m either nursing lil’ man, or working through school stuff with Cub.  My brain has turned into a lottery machine, out of thousands of combinations of things that could be done in a day, we never know what the winning combination is going to be.

Logan serenaded us with the following alphabet song this weekend: “ABC3EFGHIKJ “ELMO” PQXTY&Z, now my know my ABC’s next time won’t you sing with me”.

I thought maybe I’d work him into some of the lesson rotations so we could work out the kinks and get the alphabet down.  That didn’t pan out so well.  I almost stabbed myself in the eye with a pencil.  I knew subconsciously he would be a different kind of beast to teach, but after conceding the whole alphabet in the hopes of getting him to recognize just A, B, & C….and STILL failing.  That’s a new level of patience.

When you hold up a flash card and say “This is A, what is this?”…. am I the only one that thinks hearing “A” repeated back makes sense?  Not, Logan…. he’s my ‘creative’ child…. the sky is not blue with him, and crocodiles swim in the ocean waiting to flick you in the eye (his words).  No, when I say “This is A, what is this?” to him, I get the following varying responses, “B”, “H”, “8”, “O”, and “I don’t know tell me again mama”.  A half hour was all the torture I could handle.  I started looking into theater classes for him after bed tonight.

I hate hashtags.  Seriously hate them, to such an irrational degree, that I’ve started linking the overall crisis that appears to be our nation to the development of hashtags.  Its really not that far of a leap if you think about it.  What once served a purpose to categorize statements within a ‘cloud’ of information, has been wholly corrupted to now draft entire paragraphs of garbled boldface run-on word sentences.  People that once had fully intelligible conversations, have been reduced to a literal punchline.  What’s worse, its so pandemic that your brain can now automatically conjure the perfect hashtag for just about any instance.  The perfect example, when I finally did make it out of my house on Saturday, and realized for the first time I hadn’t left but for 3 hours on Tuesday, my brain said “#momslife”……   Depressing.  Its contagious.  No matter the level of hatred, you read enough of them and you start thinking in Hashtag sentences.  My line in the sand is drawn though, I may not be able to control my brain, but outside of that example above, I can control my fingers and will not let them near that ridiculous sign.  The only caveat to that is if I finally get cool enough to use them for their intended purpose and categorize my blogs to different topics.  Using things for their intended purpose is o.k., telling me about your entire life in the boldface, run-on word/sentence, is not.

Kevin and I enjoyed a mini get-away to the Shenandoah wineries with some friends last weekend.  It was GORGEOUS.  Perfect fall colors.  We stopped in Sperryville first, and wandered through this antique shop while we waited for our friends to join us and I discovered a piece of heaven on earth.  The most beautiful, perfectly antiqued/distressed door, that has ever existed.  Yes, I know the picture door has been done.  My older sister likely invented it and its ALL over the boards of Pinterest, but imitation is the highest form of flattery they say, and as noted above there is simply NO room in my brain to try and develop creative ideas on my own.  So, thank-you to all you innovators that have gone before me, cause this beauty now absolutely COMPLETES my living room (well not really, seeing as how there is still plenty of other trinkets I’m looking for to make the space cozy, but this bad boy went a LONG way in helping us get there!)  Getting it home was an adventure unto itself, since despite my endless optimism it certainly was not going to fit in our car.  Thankfully our friends came to the rescue with a slightly bigger automobile that JUST managed to fit my beauty.  Kevin bowed in shame at my totally shame-LESS pleading to somehow, someway, make this work…. and they DID!!! Thanks Jade and Kevin!!!

Can’t wait to get my pictures developed that are going in the spaces, its gonna be awesome!

Taken at Ducard winery, just at the base of Old Rag mountain on the fringes of Shenandoah National Park

We grabbed Dinner at “Its About Thyme” in Culpepper, and found this fun sign on the corner of their Main Street, of course we had to snag a picture!

Time to pick the next ball out of the lottery machine to see what I’m supposed to be doing next!

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