M. I. A.

So I realize I’ve been missing in action for almost 2 months now, to be honest, while a lot has happened, none of it was ‘entertaining’ blog worthy. I’ll try to recap as best I can πŸ™‚

A month ago we all headed back to Michigan to visit with family, and so I could be a part of my little sis’s bachelorette party. We had an awesome time… save for the first night I’d suppose. We attended my dad’s Family Reunion, and its big… like obscene big. My Grandpa’s brother had 8 kids of his own, 6 of whom have also now had ~8+ kids of their own, then our whole side… So they rented out an entire campground… yes… the whole thing! The day was great catching up with everyone, but as people started turning towards bed, our make shift plan for the evening was Kevin and Caleb in a tent, and Logan and I sharing a twin, didn’t pan out so well.

The boys in the tent did spectacular…. Me not so much. See we don’t c0-sleep… EVER… so Logan is convinced this is the greatest game of his life, and will not leave me alone. When I try to force the issue, he loses his ever-lovin mind, in a cabin where 10 other people are trying to sleep. Out of courtesy, I take Logan to the car, and realize he’s got quite a sore bottom, so figure I’ll head to the grocery (with nothing better to do at midnight) to pick up some butt cream. What I didn’t realize was the grocery store was 45mins away. As the drive got longer and longer, I decided I’d bag the campground and find myself a hotel for me and Logan and try to salvage the rest of the night. Unfortnetly I was informed by the helpful attendent at Meijer that my two choices were Motel 6, which apparently was the new ground zero for drug activity in Jackson MI, or the Red Roof Inn, next to the truck stop that was generally used more by truckers. Needless to say, just Logan and me at midnight, we drove all the way back to the campground and I sucked it up for the rest of the night letting Logan sleep in my chest, waiting for the first hint of pink in the sky.

After regaining my footing (and sleep) the next evening, I enjoyed time with family and friends throughout the week, waiting for the festivities of Friday Nights Bachelorette party! The evening was great! We suprised Beck with an ENOURMOUS stretch limo, and took the girls out to Grand Haven for Dinner at Kirby, where we ran into MSU Head Basketball coach TOM IZZO!!! We pretty much stalked him for a photo op, but it was totally worth it! Then we headed back to downtown GR for some dancing out on the town until the wee hours, overall a sucess and fun had by all!

While I was enjoying myself out with the girls, my WONDERFUL hub’s had solicited the help of a handful of guys from church and moved to our new digs in Del Ray! We are loving the area, and still getting settled. I know, I know…. Where are the pictures?!? Well, exhaustion from all the activity… and the fact that the wee ones aren’t exactly standing by patiently allowing us to unpack in peace, has kept me from getting ourselves settled as I would like before the big debut. I’m working on it and WILL post pictures when I get things positioned how I’d like.

Other than those two biggies, life has pretty much been trecking along. Our new day care provider for the boys started just after labor day, Stephanie. We all love her! The boys have a great time during the day, and I’m loving the fact my friend get’s to come over and hang out with me for a bit everday.

Caleb and Logan are doing great, enjoying the park down the street, and I’m LOVING the fact I have a fenced in backyard again where I can shoo them out to play to run off some energy for awhile, as well as the basement to FINALLY conceal… just a bit… the total disaster they are able to make in minutes. I’ll try to be more diligent about finding the funny again in our everyday adventures, its there, my brains just been to tired to remember it πŸ™‚

Whatcha think???? I'd love to know!