March Madness

March Madness has taken on an entirely new meaning at the Alspaugh household…. more precisely I would refer to it as March ‘Metro Group’ Madness! Every semester the church coordinates a plethora of small groups (aka: Metro Groups), in a variety of areas/interests. There are groups that get together for dinner out/in once a month, interest groups that span the range from Book clubs, Holy Yoga, Self Defense, The Biggest Winner (same premise as ‘The Biggest Loser’, but with a nicer name ;), Mommy Mixers, etc… and the traditional Bible Study Discussion groups spanning a range of topics.

This semester the church has a total of 51 different options to join, and between Kevin and I, we have signed up for 7! We literally could have something FUN to do, EVERY night of the week… to prove my point below is what our typical Spring Semester week looks like:

Sunday: Church and a couples group, “Sacred Marriage”, (that has childcare… I’d be lying if I didn’t say that was what got us into the group originally last semester 😉
Monday: Holy Yoga, talk about the most relaxing way to spend your Monday night EVER!
Tuesday: Kevin is on the Facilities Team, doing “Man stuff” around the building
Wednesday: I co-lead a Mom’s Group for Mom’s with young kids (but we leave the kiddos with the dad’s in the evening, cause let’s face it, if we didn’t, we’d never get to talk to each other!)
Thursday: Sisterhood/Brotherhood = We each get one Thursday a month to go hang with all the girls or all the guys.
Friday: We host a game night once a month, and also have signed up to check out a few of the other potluck dinner groups.
Saturday Mornings: Kev heads out to the Men’s “Wild at Heart” group, and me and the boys generally have a play date with one of the other mom’s who has a husband in the group.

Am I crazy??? Well… yes, but we determined that long ago, so it may be a moot point now. Did I just exhaust YOU by taking you through our events? It’s really not as busy as it appears, and there is still plenty of time for Kev, I, and the boys to hang out as our own little unit. The fun interest groups are quite flexible, and its not an obligation you MUST attend every week, more of an awesome option, if/when we find ourselves stressed, in need of a break.

I just LOVE to be in the midst of things, to be surrounded by activity. Activity that I can jump into, and get swept up in at a moments notice, or pull out of just as easily for a little breather. However the above does explain my lapses in Blogging as regularly as I had started out this year ;)… When you’re busy having so much fun, who has time to tell the world about it!

Well, now you know what we are up too…. what’s been keeping you busy this spring?

Whatcha think???? I'd love to know!