“Life’s like an hour glass glued to the table, no one can find the rewind button now, sing it if you understand…. And Breathe… Just Breathe”

I love those lyrics, they pretty much nail it dead on… Life that is.

I listened to a great message last night, at D.C. sisterhood, about the different seasons of life we go through as women. It was especially entertaining for me, as Taryn (the pastor’s wife, who delivered the message), is the mother of 3 young boys… 4, 3, and a new born… so our seasons are pretty much aligned (other than the obvious fact I’m not in full time ministry or married to a pastor ;).
There was something seriously satisfying when Taryn relayed a story about her trying to have a phone conversation with her sister, yet continued getting interrupted by having to tell her boys to stop eating the yard… As a mom I know everyone has their stories, that mine aren’t the only ones running outside in undies, playing in toilet bowl water, or teething on a tampon (it was obviously un-used, but no less shocking or comical to turn around and discover this tid-bit… apologies to the guys), yet to hear even the pastor’s wife has to remind her kids not to eat grass and bark was nice.

Today has been, and will continue to be an awesome day. One of the days I wish I could find the rewind button for. From morning snuggles, to a picnic at the park with a girlfriend and her little one… The boys have played, and laughed, and given the best hugs and kisses… Caleb and I had a ‘fight’ over who loved who more, and now their both down for naps, so we can head out to a BBQ with a different family this evening for more fun with their boys. I love this season, though its not without it’s trials…

Caleb is back to having his seizures, after a 4 month hiatus, so I’ve got him scheduled for an EEG next Thursday. It’s a ‘sleep deprived’ EEG, so I have to keep him up until 2am on Wednesday night, he can sleep till 6am, then I have to get him back up so he’s exhausted for his 12:30p appt.

What does one do with a 3 year old until 2am???

My first thought was we’ll roam the aisles at Wal-Mart, they’re open 24hrs, but then I thought about the patrons at Wal-Mart at 2am and wasn’t so sure anymore. Then someone suggested a bowling alley… however, I strongly doubt the atmosphere there would be much of an improvement. I can’t imagine staying here, in 700sq ft, and not watching a series of temper-tantrum meltdowns out of sheer boredom and exhaustion. So, I’ve got about a week to figure this one out… I’m pretty sure I can get him to 10pm… its the 4 hour stretch after that I’m concerned with.

She nailed the message last night… reminding us all that, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven” (Ecc 3:1). I will laugh and celebrate the good/fun times, and ‘Breathe… Just Breathe” through the struggles.

Whatcha think???? I'd love to know!