The Work-Out is WORKING!

So it’s been roughly a month since that first day those little old ladies schooled me at the gym, and I’m thrilled to say I’m starting to see results! Wahoo!!! Talk about the best motivation EVER, fitting in a size I haven’t seen in almost 2 years! This work out kick, hinging on the end of the Daniel fast and the flu bug situated directly in the middle of the month, may have had something to do with the drop in pant size, but I’m telling myself it was all the hard work ๐Ÿ˜‰

I took the boys to Nordstrom’s Rack, originally just for a reason to get out of the house, but when I found a pair of Calvin Klein Capri’s in a size 6 (yes… I just said SIX!!!), then checked the price tag and they were priced down from $50 originally to $12 (yes… I just said $12!!!) it changed the trip dramatically from let’s look… to let’s see what else I can find ๐Ÿ™‚ I walked away with two major successes. The first, obviously being SIX… SIZE SIX…. (can you tell… I’m a little excited), the second, being a super cute shirt, originally priced at $168 (seriously… who would pay $168 for a shirt?!?) and I got it for a steal of a deal at $19!!! So now I’m anxiously awaiting spring, which hopefully in D.C. is right around the corner, so I can debut my new capri’s and cute shirt!

Next stop is Vicky S’s, with a gift card from mom, as I’ve accepted the realization that no amount of working out is going to lift or tone the pathetic droopy sweater puppies my two beautiful Piranha’s have left me with. They are now basset hound sweater puppies…

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