When it’s O.K. to say “Go to Hell” on Valentines Day!

A little Wikipedia search revealed, much to my surprise, that Valentines Day wasn’t originally contrived in the pocketbooks of Hallmark’s finest.  Surprisingly, it was originally celebrated in honor of the Christian Saints that sacrificed much, in most cases their lives, for their faith.  Legend has it, that the name was derived from St. Valentine as he signed his last letter to his love before execution, ‘with love, your Valentine’.  How it was wholly corrupted to pad the bottom line of card makers, flower shops, and chocolateirs around the world is beyond me.  Although, given the rather unsettling norm of our world, to corrupt what was once honorable and pure in an attempt to get rich quick, I shouldn’t be entirely surprised.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a total curmudgeon…  The boys and I went on a fun date for breakfast, and I’ve got a few tricks up the sleeve for dinner tonight and a date tomorrow with my main man.

 However, its not lost on me that I fall into a very blessed minority of happily married to the love of my life.  I’m just not able to make it through the day remaining blissfully ignorant of the majority, those that feel the absolute opposite of Love on this ‘special’ day.

A few of my fave bloggers have already commented on this: Jen Hatmaker & Glennon, and their words are always cooler than mine.  So for the single parent, or the unexpectedly separated, or the unhappily married…. look there for a little encouragement.  For me, there are so many incredible women whom I love so dearly that are still waiting on that one…. and I just wanted to add a few words of my own to celebrate how incredible I think they are!

These women are the REAL DEAL…. They could see the world we’re living in, and they could choose to settle, to give up little pieces of what make them incredible, to try and conform to the expectations of another…. believing a lie that in doing so they’ll find what they are looking for.  These women know better.  They are the smartest, most beautiful women I’ve ever met, simply because of that unshakable faith that they are created perfect and whole.  These women live out purpose filled lives, transforming the arenas they live their life in, simply by shining their light as bright as they can.  They brave the hard days with a grace and dignity that I have not seen surpassed by anyone…. They truly are the greatest!  I am believing in full faith with them, that there is a man worthy of their awesomeness, that won’t challenge them to fade into a shadow so they can feel better, that won’t ask them to compromise their beliefs, but will compliment them in all the best ways is on his way…. It’s just one holy battle of epic proportions because this world is just not prepared for the game changers they’ll be together!

In a world that says sacrifice just a little of yourself, and I’ll give you everything you could ever want…. They stare unflinchingly back, and say Go To Hell!    Love you ladies!!!  Keep being the rock stars I know you to be!!  You are LOVED beyond measure!!

 Psalm 37:4 “Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart”

Whatcha think???? I'd love to know!