Yay for Honeymoons!

Delayed Honeymoons Rock! I’m just sayin. For 7 years any vacation time we had was earmarked for trips back to Michigan, since our time with family was few and far between. The wait was worth it!

To say I was getting a little antsy, spending pretty much day in/out here with the boys working and keeping to their schedules over the past year, would be a vast understatement. Within about 15 minutes of returning from church on Father’s Day Sunday we’d whipped all our things into a bag, profusely expressed our undying gratitude to Kevin’s parents, kissed the boys, and dashed out the door. I was delirious with excitement before we’d even made it down our street… if my seat belt hadn’t been securely fastened, its likely I would have bounced right out of the car.

I had checked the forecast prior to leaving and was a little nervous with the 6 straight days of forecasted thunderstorms, but was gonna leave that up to God, and not let it ‘rain’ on my parade. Seeing how he showed up, in such an amazing way on our trip, was one of the best parts of the entire week… having the reminder that he’s concerned with something as trivial as whether or not it rains on my vacation…. My favorite example… we woke up in NYC, walked to breakfast with blue sky and sun, ate and came back out to the same weather… the only difference was that when we came out the pavement and all the cars were thoroughly soaked. That seemed to happen over and over again… if we needed to be out, the sun was there and when an activity brought us in doors that’s when the rains came… it was crazy how perfectly it was all timed.

The majority of our trip was documented through my mobile uploads on Facebook… hitting Rehoboth Beach first, then catching the Ferry to Atlantic City, trying out my first Casino… yeah still not too big on gambling… I was at the lowest minimum table for Black Jack and these two guys walked up and both lost $500 in 15 minutes… I would have started crying, begged for my money back saying I was mentally unstable, and then likely puked if they had refused that plea… These guys just walked to the next table to see if they had better luck… Crazy! We didn’t win much, but we didn’t lose much either, and I take breaking even as a win in ‘gambling’ world, so I was happy. We then headed to NYC.

NYC was and wasn’t what I had expected. Time square seemed much smaller, the neighborhoods that I had ‘glamorized’ in my head; Tribeca, Soho, Greenwich Village, etc.. weren’t really all that glamorous. Central park was awesome, and the city was fast paced, and impersonal… which was when I knew I could never live there… I’m FAR to personable. This statement made abundantly clear when I walked up to three random women and asked them if they’d like to join Kevin and I, along with Kevin’s brother and some other buddies so I could have some girl talk amidst all of their boy boredom. They quickly agreed, interested in meeting the other 3 good looking guys I was with, but then continued to go on and on about how rare it was that I would just come up and talk to them… Clearly they didn’t know who they were dealing with :).

After two VERY busy days of walking and seeing all I had really wanted to see, we decided to wrap our vacation relaxing back on the beach, and headed back toward Rehoboth. After an amazingly relaxing day on the beach on Friday, we decided to call it a success a night early and head back to relieve my AMAZING in-laws, and surprise the boys.

All in all it was amazing, I enjoyed EVERY second of it!! The time away was perfect to rest, refresh, and reflect on the awesomeness that is my life! I can’t wait to see where it will take me next!

Whatcha think???? I'd love to know!