61 Days of Crazy and 72 Hours of Peace

I just waved goodbye to Kev and the big boys for THREE whole days.  I’ve been waiting for this moment, to be alone in MY house, for at least 5 years now.  Technically, I have the baby with me, but after you experience life with multiple crazy children, having one that still sleeps for 16 out of every 24 hours, eats meals strapped to a chair, and can’t talk back or ask why yet, QUALIFIES as a vacation! For my mom friends still navigating their first, it was NOT a vacation then.  It took everything I had to survive each day with each one I’ve had.  However, thankfully we stretch (in good…. and BAD ways (damn stretch marks), so when the two that require significantly more ‘parenting’ are removed from the equation, it’s like returning to auto-pilot from full tactical manual control of an f16 fighter pilot jet in enemy territory!

Me, an extreme extrovert, enjoying the concept of being alone?  After the last two months…. YES!!!

On May 9th,  we departed for St. Thomas for a week with Mom & Dad Alspaugh, I know… cry me a river.  Yesterday, July 9th…. 61 days later for our math scholars, we said cya later to our one and only Aunt Nene after a 5 day visit.  In 61 days, we’ve been out of our house for 25, entertained guests in our house for 17, and attended a whole slew of other events in between.  It’s been a FUN and FULL 2 months, however after ALL that even I need some peace and quiet.

IMG_2083[1]Ready to roll!!! St. Thomas Here we come!!! IMG_2089[1]Vacation AND Grandpa and Grandma made for some VERY happy boys!!IMG_2221[1]Mom & Me at the Beautiful You ConferenceIMG_2255[1]

The crew with Grammie Sue after Church, heading to a winery for the afternoon then to celebrate Memorial Day with the Sheets!IMG_2333[1]Happy 4th Birthday Logan!!!

IMG_2341[1]Ready to lose my not so lovely lump!


Enjoying a Beautiful Day at Michigan’s Adventures!!! Thanks Crazy Papi for a great day!!!IMG_2446[1]

Celebrated Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Naber at Mackinaw Island!!  Had SUCH a great time!!!IMG_2537[1]

Enjoyed fun time with Chelsea back in Grand RapidsIMG_2551[1]Water park day with my sisters and the cousins!

IMG_2562[1]Dinner with my Bestie before heading home!IMG_2567[1]Enjoying the comforts of home with Becky!  Thankful she “Grabbed the Gusto” as Grammie says and came back for a week with me!IMG_2620[1] IMG_2606[1]Fun at the Playseum with Cousin LincolnIMG_2576[1]Happy Birthday Kev!!!

IMG_2652[1]Eastern Market with AUNT NENE!!! A four year reunion in the making!!!Rainbow weddingThe beautiful and fun wedding celebration for Andy and Rainbow!!!

Yeah…. I think it was time for a little rest!

It was a challenge trying to wait patiently for them to leave, and not appear too overtly excited.  Kevin knew, of course, but I needed the boys to believe I would be missing them terribly.  For anyone gasping in shock at that statement, that I would feign missing them, let me remind you that I’m fully aware they will return in 72 hours, and they are making memories, father/son memories, sometimes its important that I’m NOT there.  I don’t feel one ounce of remorse enjoying every second of these 72 hours for the gift they are.

I will read… maybe an entire book…. maybe in ONE sitting?!?  I will write.  I can’t wait to write.  I might watch a chick flick or two, or I might enjoy as much silence as possible when the babe is sleeping, its so exciting to get to decide things again!!!  It’s crazy how you don’t realize you give up the rights to your own body and brain when you get married and have kids, until the moment you get them back briefly and you almost feel drunk with power!  I’m gonna OWN this weekend… LIKE A BOSS!  Woot Woot!!!

Now, to clean the house so I actually get to enjoy a CLEAN house for 72 whole hours to!  What a treat!!!  (That moment, when you realize you’re EXCITED to clean your house, and think it staying that way for 72 hours is a treat…..and you wonder, who IS this person in my body?!?)

Whatcha think???? I'd love to know!