Will I Miss the Mess???

You know when you build something up in your mind, convinced its going to be awesome, like *hypothetically* waving goodbye to your husband and your kids, so excited for some down time.  Then you close the door and turn around and your entire house looks like this……………………..


Yeah….. my imagination is WAY cooler than reality sometimes.

The depressing part is realizing that approximately 30 minutes after everyone get’s home, the 20+ hours spent organizing, sorting, folding, dusting, returning lost pieces of games, puzzles, toys, and socks to their rightful place, and wiping down walls, chairs, beds, and doors from the varying shades of fingerprints, drips, food, etc… will no longer be recognizable.

Luggage will explode on the floor and into the laundry.  Dinner will happen, and food, drips, and finger prints will find their way back to their old haunts.  Teeth will be brushed and spit will splatter the mirror, and the glob of toothpaste will get lodged about two-thirds down the sink, toilet aim will again miss its mark.

They, the collective seasoned moms, say we’ll miss this…..  I’ll miss my kids when this stage is gone, but I’m fairly certain I will NEVER miss spending 20 hours in a weekend cleaning up their shit.  For this moment though, its clean and its quiet, and I am looking forward to them bursting through the door FULL of stories that just NEED to be shared.  I will choose to see them, rather than the mess they leave in their wake (though if I’m being honest, I can’t HELP but see that too, and its likely going to cause my teeth to prematurely flatten from all the grinding to keep my mouth shut)…..  I just have to believe if I KEEP training them…. ONE DAY they will FINALLY learn to actually CLEAN, rather than just moving the mess around until I clean it up.

Whatcha think???? I'd love to know!