Brotherly Love… or Not

There is a common misconception that church folk are supposed to have it all together.  Perfect marriages, obedient and well behaved children, slow to anger, etc…

Then there is real life.
We had AJ dedicated on Sunday.  Which means I actually cared what my kids walked out of the house wearing that morning.  Socks matched, pajama shorts were vetoed, and we had to have a long discussion as to why the tux, while rightfully reserved for special occasions, could not make an appearance on stage this particular Sunday.  
Clothing should have been the least of my concerns.
Our church likes to capture pictures of events like dedications and baptisms to use in future promotions, marketing, etc…. so they have a team of volunteer photographers that capture these special occasions.  They captured a little something extra special this past Sunday…. Enjoy the following series of shots………
The boys decided to take it upon themselves to display their brotherly love…. Caleb incites Logan with the ‘stink eye’

Logan assesses the situation…. all adults are otherwise preoccupied… no witnesses… SCORE…. I see your stink eye and raise you a KICK IN THE FACE!

Notice the high cheeks on Logan’s face… smiling, rather proud of himself, while Caleb recovers from his whiplash!

Oh no…. Dad’s got tight lips and a death grip on my leg now…. But I can still smile, cause Caleb hasn’t recovered yet.

Blasted… Denied for round 2…. but Dad’s at least smiling now… and so are the Pastor’s… maybe I can get away with this cause I’m cute???

Thanks Logan, for keeping it ‘real’….. We’d hate for people to struggle thinking they have to have it all together to go to church…. at least they can rest assured their kids aren’t trying to concuss their siblings on stage.


Whatcha think???? I'd love to know!