BVI Barefoot Cruise Pt.2

After falling into our floating bed, exhausted after a ridiculous day of travel, we woke up to this view.

SO worth the crazy day prior!

The original plan was all 8 travelers would arrive at the boat together on Friday.  Unfortunately my Mother/Father/Sister/Brother-in law also had weather related delays, but didn’t have the proximity to getting to more active travel hubs like NYC, which resulted in their arrivals being delayed to Sunday/Monday respectively.

“Our Vessel”  (Two beds/baths in each hull, with the kitchen/living area on the main deck)

Kevin was so cute Saturday morning.  I was content to snuggle and enjoy a slower start to my day without the demand of kids dictating how quickly I got out of bed, but he was buzzing with energy to get up and sail.  “What if Jon’s doing sailing stuff already?  What if I’m missing sailing stuff?  I think I should go check.”  So we headed up and started going through the checklist of what needed to be done so we could push off.  Alexa (my brother-in-law’s girlfriend) and I headed to the grocery store to pick up some provisions for our week, the guys inventoried and stocked the alcohol delivery, and met with the Marina team to walk through ‘charts’ to get clearance to depart.

I can’t begin to describe the incredible feeling that came when our boat left the port into open water for 9 day’s at sea!   The weather was perfect, scenery gorgeous, company lively and excited for the week ahead, and accommodations…. clearly…. beyond incredible.   We needed to stay closer to Tortolla while we waited for the rest of our crew, so decided Jost Van Dyke would be a great first stop!  After about a two-three hour sail, we made it to our destination for the day, The Soggy Dollar Bar.

We had the best day!  Pain Killer’s, the island drink of choice, were flowing freely…. I was feeling NO pain :).  I may or may not have regularly reminded anyone that I thought should know that I was being ‘responsibly irresponsible’.  My brain was having a hard time placing a mother of four young children in paradise, NOT having responsibilities.  So apparently I thought I needed to let the bar tenders know that I had responsibly taken care of my children already, ensuring they’d be well cared for in my absence, so they would feel comfortable contributing to delinquency.  Looking back at the pictures now, I imagine them thinking ‘Lady… look around, you’re in good company’.

Jon, having done this trip several times now, ensured there was a LOT of drinking water on the boat for all of us, roughly a gallon a day per person.  He was insistent we drink up, and I’m so thankful I listened.  I woke up close to 4am the next morning, feeling great, and decided I wanted to watch the sunrise on the top deck of the boat.  Sunday Morning Sunrise

We set sail most mornings with the sunrise, and everyone else ventured up close to 6am when we weighed anchor and set sail for a spot called “Sandy Spit” this TINY little island, that you can walk the circumference of in about 5 minutes.  

We stayed there for the morning.  The guys snorkeled a bit, I read, and eventually we headed back over to Tortolla to pick up mom/dad-in law.  We stayed close by that night as well, until the entire crew was complete on Monday afternoon, then set sail for Virgin Gorda.  The water was a little choppy on the sail that day, which made walking on the boat a bit of a challenge.  I was attempting to make lunch for the crew, when Kevin came in making a comment about my stumbling around.  I casually made the comment that as long as I grounded my hips to something firm I was managing just fine, which became a standing joke for the remainder of the trip.  Kevin ALL to willing to help me ground my hips to something firm, bwahahahah!

We moored at Bitter End Yacht Club on Virgin Gorda for two nights, and here is a pic of our crew when it was finally complete with all passengers.  We split our meals somewhat evenly between the boat and ashore, and had fun exploring the island on Tuesday morning!

Since I’m still catching up from vacation, I’ll have to save the final installment showing pictures from Anegada and our tour of The Bath’s on Virgin Gorda for another day 🙂


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