Check Your Math: What Does = Mean?

Opinion’s are like belly button’s, everyone has one, but they don’t influence much. 🙂  I couldn’t sit idly by and not at least share my perspective, while I was choking on everyone else’s…. So here it is.

Why does the ‘equality’ argument have to be so polarizing?  Is it possible that neither side is ALL right or ALL wrong?  Can’t we look for common ground, that might allow us to FINALLY put this divisive debate behind us?  I hear some arguments I agree with…. I find it horrific that the love of someone’s life would be denied access to them during a traumatic crisis of health simply because they are not related.  If you want to live with someone and enjoy the tax breaks that come from a joint household, or adopt a child in need and raise them in a house full of love, exposing them to all choices in life, I wouldn’t see a point to argue over.  Is ‘marriage’ really the only solution??? I have to believe we could collectively be a little more creative in loving each other well, to find an alternative that worked.

Where it get’s sticky for me is my belief that what the Bible says is from God, whom I will ultimately have to answer too…. and to be honest, He scares me (in the good awe inspiring, capable of anything, way) more than you do.
So, when God says in regards to marriage that “two shall become one flesh” (I take that to mean sex (yes, went there) in light of other supporting verses about giving bodies over to each other… yada yada yada)…. and in another verse says that its wrong to engage in same sex relations…. I can’t reconcile the two.  Put that against the fact that even our government allows for a marriage to be annulled (i.e. never happened) before it is ‘consummated’.  So really, if we stopped splitting hairs about tax breaks, health benefits, etc… it comes down to asking me to agree that anybody can sleep with whomever they want.  I don’t believe that’s how God intended it… for anyone…. yes I’m one of those prudes that don’t think straight people need to be sleeping with whomever either. I’m also guilty of my own past indiscretions, and thankful I believe in a God that forgives and redeems.

Going old school for a sec…. Sex was created for marriage…  Man didn’t create the idea of sex, anymore than he created the idea for marriage, yet we seek to corrupt it at every turn.  Marriage wasn’t an idea the State Department dreamed up to ostracize a social sect, it was a model God set before us to aspire toward, remain faithful too, and be fruitful in.  I don’t think any better of myself for being married to a guy, or any worse of someone that finds the idea of the opposite sex repulsive.  There are plenty of other things God tells me not to do, that I do anyway, so believe me when I say I’m fine working on myself and would encourage others to review their lives under Biblical guidance as well.

So why the fight?  Why do Christians put up such a stink when it comes to other peoples business if we profess to be so concerned with working on ourselves?  As cliche as it sounds, at least for me, its because I’m trying to live out those two basic commands Jesus gave…. ‘Love God above all else, and love each other as you would yourself’.   I wouldn’t want someone to tell me something was o.k….. to make it easier for me to do…. more lucrative and appealing…. if it was ultimately going to be bad for me.  I would hope, no matter the fight I put up, that someone who loved me enough would go toe to toe with me, that they would risk even losing me for a season, rather than an eternity.  That’s what I believe is at stake…. Eternity…. if you don’t, than the stakes likely aren’t as high for you, nor the fight all that worth getting engaged in.  I understand, but I would also challenge you, why don’t you believe?  Have you taken the time to really hash it out with someone that does, with an open mind, and pursued a second or third opinion, or do you just roll your eyes and stand in judgment of those ‘judgmental Christians’.   If you went to one doctor and they gave you a death sentence, would you not entertain a second, third, or fourth opinion?  I’d probably have to get 50, but that’s just me.

I’m not against equality, on the contrary I’m for it.  It’s equal to listen to another’s argument and hope for the same courtesy to be extended in return.  Also, if you see me doing something that is not God’s best for my life…. fight me on it. I’ll respond in kind, with as much love, patience, kindness, grace, and mercy that I would pray you’d exert when fighting me.  


  1. Eva Berriman says:

    Thank you! You spoke from my heart.
    To me ‘a’ solution would be to expand the laws around civil union…
    To me it is conceivable that two people may be such great friends that they want to do life together and support each other financially, perhaps even in child rearing, and not engage in sex… a few people (probably very few) may not actually want sex, but have a friend whom they love more than family.
    Respect the sanctity of marriage, and respect the love, emotional and social closeness of others.
    People who choose not to follow Christ, who reject God’s Mercy, Grace, and guidance, cannot be forced by us to follow them.
    Let’s call a spade a spade… Marriage is between a man and a woman. People in committed same-sex relationships may have the same feelings and dedication for each other (perhaps even more than we see commonly today), and it can be considered equal in the eyes of secular law, but let’s call it something else. Just because it’s different, does not mean it’s inferior in regards to healthinsurance, tax breaks, etc….

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