Dangit, Dump Truck!

Yesterday I told y’all that I wasn’t going to be anxious for anything, and with good reason, because I’m clearly NAILING this motherhood thing.

Wednesdays is garbage day around here.  It’s a fascinating event for the boys.  They’re always either curbside so they can chat with the guys, or watching from the window as they make their way around our culdesac.  Today I’m particularly thankful they opted for an indoor viewing of the show, because after the garbage truck accidentally bumped our can as it was pulling into position, my sweet lil man expressed his discontent: “Dangit, dump truck” was the intended verbiage.   That is NOT what I heard…. so for clarity (and because I’m an awesome mom) I had to have him repeat it.

This was on the heals of Logan telling me my breath smelled like a ‘dead chicken’, and Caleb showing me his most recent rendition of our family portrait…. I’m the one in the front, holding Selah…. apparently shirtless.



I’ll start drafting my ‘How-to’ parenting guide soon!   Happy Wednesday!


  1. Sara Magnuson says:

    That’s ok, Aunt Sara may or may not have a habit of shouting out Dang it, Dump Truck (in AJ-ese) when she’s driving – even if it’s not a dump truck . . .

  2. Dianne says:

    hahaha…..I love your posts! I just read the four latest ones & they are hilarious! I’m so happy that Desiree is able to help you out. I’m also happy that you know God is your provider. He sure does bless you & your family. You are an inspiration & a joy & I can’t wait to see you & your awesome family. Sure do love you! See you in a bit?

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