Desires and Dreams for 2012

It’s nap time, my feet are tucked into fuzzy slippers, my house is so clean from my frenzy yesterday, and all I can hear are the frequent gusts of winter air blowing powerfully on the other side of my single pane windows, it makes my warm house feel that much cozier! A perfect moment to sit and ponder all my desires for 2012.

I want to read the bible daily.
I want to run a half marathon.
I want to meal plan.
I want to eat more organic, less meat, and fewer sweets.
I want to find a schedule that works, incorporating work time, kid time, husband time, and me time.
I want to write.
I want a clean house.
I want to have another babe.
I want to travel.
I want to volunteer for an organization that helps kiddos.
I want to go deeper in relationships.
I want to teach Caleb how to read and write.
I want to volunteer some place where the kids, or at least Caleb can help.
I want to sign Caleb up for spring soccer.
I want to listen more and talk less.
I want to believe the unbelievable, love the unloveable, and give grace to the unworthy.

I want to be perfect, but I’m not, I’m human…. So I’m on my quest for balance, as evidence by yesterday. I achieved a clean house, but in my efforts to maintain, convinced the hubs for dinner out and induldged in some Hot wings and fries (I’m sure neither being organic ;).
I was intentional in avoiding the word goal this time around… as goal ascribes a requirement of attainment for success, where as desire is mearly a statment.

Throughout 2012 I will be taking steps in fulfillment toward all of the above, as much as they are within my control, and relying on God for the rest, being ever thankful for grace but not using it as an excuse to ease up. I’m so excited to see all the God has planned for this year, in, through, and around me!

If I had to take today as my barometer for the year, so far we’re doing good šŸ™‚ On my first day back to work after a week off, with ~200 e-mails waiting for me, Stephanie came down with the stomach flu and called in sick (which I’m totally thankful for, so as to quarantine her flu). Having the house in order from yesterday, went a long way in allowing me to keep my cool with the boys, as they played while I worked, and we ALL worked together on putting the mess away when we’re done. They did art while I worked, they ate lunch while I worked, and by nap time I was able to take this little half hour siesta to write a little, for some ‘me time’, finish up some of the work, and get ready to use some helpful little hands to put together some meals for later.

Now if I can coordinate my week to look like today, but incorporating a few other desires throughout the week, and with an enormous helping hand from Stephanie when she’s feeling better, and ofcourse the big guy, we can knock this year outta the park!

Whatcha think???? I'd love to know!