Yeah, I kinda rocked today…. NBD.

I’m so thankful that you can’t jinx God! I was just thinking that as I finished putting the dishes away a few minutes ago, at 9:45 at night. I was walking just a little bit taller, and yeah there may have been a little pride there in having rocked today, but then that wonderful thought popped in my head.

My brain had started down the familiar path, of don’t get too big for your britches there Miss Thang, you’ll do something to screw it up tomorrow, and you still haven’t gone to the gym in the New Year now have you? Best not get too big in bragging about the fact, that your house is still spick and span now two days in a row, you made veggie lasagna for dinner AND a crock pot of Potato soup for lunches this week. You worked a full back from vacation day, getting through 200 e-mails and a conference call with your boss, while watching both your kids AND having fun with them. You gave them both baths, let your husband go watch a basketball game with friends, and still snuggled them both with a movie night before getting them to bed, and still have just a bit of time to write and read myself! I had myself convinced that while I was awfully proud of the hard work I’d done today, that surely I couldn’t post about it all, else I might put a jinx on myself and my productive two days, drawing my 2012 motivation kick to an end just 3 days into the New Year.
Then it hit me… I can’t jinx God, and if I’m being honest, he’s the ONLY reason today went as smoothly as it did! Sure I didn’t go to the gym today, but let’s be honest… exactly when could I have gone??? Although, with my house clean, food cooked, and work caught up with, I’m quickly running out of excuses to stay out of the gym…… Yes, my Achilles heel… the gym… requires SO much motivation (supernatural motivation) to just get there! I agree with the masses, once I’m there, or better yet, DONE, I’m thrilled. Must…. Get… To… The…. Gym! It’s the only way this motivation train is gonna keep on chuggin, cause if I feel good it will permeate everything else! Guess I better read and get some sleep then, so tomorrow can be my gym day…. (really trying to drum up some excitement about that, but all I can end this with is Ugh!)

Whatcha think???? I'd love to know!