Gym Day… Ugh!

O.k. I’m on a blog roll…. Why… because this blog is the last thing keeping me from where I SHOULD be going right now. Where is that? The gym!

It’s somewhat comical to me at this point how much I loathe the act of getting ready to go to the gym… Getting work out clothes on, packing a bag to shower and change when I’m done, and getting in the car. Truly, once I’m in the car the battle is over. It’s the fact that currently I’m working in my jammies sitting on my comfy bed, with my social media and blogs to my left and work on my right. The fact that I’m warm and cozy and Facebook as alerted me through friends that its roughly 18 degrees outside right now is not helping the cause!
I find myself wondering WHY I loathe it so much. People would KILL for this kind of flexibility and I’m making excuses for myself that I might miss an e-mail or I.M.. If I still worked in an office setting I wouldn’t think twice about stepping away for an hour lunch, and there have been plenty of times I’ve been hijacked to a cube conference for an hour and away from my computer then too. So my nervousness as to missing something is totally unwarranted.
Alright, pity party over…. telling the world what a sad sack of excuses I am seems to be a good source of motivation for me. There is the small allure of interacting with the world, that place that exists outside the 4 walls of my home, some people greet it daily. It’s only been a two day stretch this time for me, but let’s not make it three!
Here we go…. No seriously… I’m really going…. NOW!

Whatcha think???? I'd love to know!