‘Fall-Back’ Fun

I like to claim ‘fall-back’ as one of my favorite holiday’s of the year.  Kevin rolls his eyes annually at this statement, and finds great humor in the drama I display surrounding ‘spring-forward’.  It could be mildly suppressed annoyance, but I prefer to think he enjoys my antics.  This year was no different.  As I headed to bed at 10:30pm, I made a great show, proclaiming the fact it was “ACTUALLY only 9:30p” and how responsible I was to be going to sleep so early.  What really doesn’t make sense in the alternate reality I live in, is when I wake up the next morning, I claim that hour as well, with equal if not more fan fare.  Usually proclaiming, as we get ready for church, how GREAT it feels to be getting up at what would have been 8am.

The boys didn’t get the daylight savings memo.

When I was woken up this past Sunday to the repetitive “mama” refrain Logan employs to get my attention, groggy from sleep and disoriented by the darkness, I grabbed him in my normal semi-conscious state and tossed him in our bed so he wouldn’t wake Cub.  I assumed it was 5.  I was wrong.  It would have been prudent to check the clock BEFORE addressing the issue, as I pulled him into our bed a 2am.  Hindsight is 20/20.

After 10 minutes of 2 year old chatter, cute in its own right, just not at 2am, Kevin relocated himself to the couch.  Logan proceeded to illustrate for me his every thought or movement: “my pillow soft”, “me snuggie mama”, “me sleep here”, “me bouncin”, “rawwwwwr, me dino”.   I would ignore him in the hopes he’d fall back asleep, except about ever 2-5 minutes, he would get real close to my face and continuously say “I wub ooo”, “I wub ooo mama”, “Mama, I wub oooo”  (wub ooo = love you, right now).  Eventually I would respond, “I love you too Logan”, he would say thanks, and go back to recanting his every move for me.  

As much as I love my extra hour of sleep, if I had to lose it to something, little mans sweet chatter and little snuggles were worth it for a night.  Although, the next morning when it took an hour longer for the fog to clear from my sleep deprived brain, I was singing a different tune.  Note to self: ALWAYS check the clock before tossing a child into bed with you!

Whatcha think???? I'd love to know!