Fast Finale!

We MADE it! Wahooo!!!! We just polished off our last ‘fast’ dinner of marinated Portabello mushroom caps, asparagus, and brown rice and have already stocked the fridge with our faves for next week!

So…. Was it worth it? Definitely! Having no basis for comparison, I imagine it to be similar to someone who trains for a marathon… Their body screams at them the entire time, it’s a test to their will-power every step of the way, but when they cross that finish line they feel amazing. Yes, my body SCREAMED at me the ENTIRE time!

I didn’t realize just how susceptible to temptation I was until I started saying NO to it… and then realizing HOW much time/energy I was needlessly wasting. I’ve always been slightly ashamed at my own lack of self discipline, and while I’m not saying from here on out I’m going to see every last thing I ever commit to through, it is nice to have at least have ONE success to build from 🙂
Don’t get me wrong, I think in the grand scheme of things I’ve got better than average self discipline… When Kevin or I sent long term goals for our family or financially we see them through. However, looking at average now-a-days… I’d rather not use that as my basis for comparison.

So where to go from here???? In all honesty, tomorrow will likely be a train wreck in terms of indulging just about every craving I’ve had for these past three weeks… and since there have been a LOT, that train wreck could spill into Tuesday/Wednesday. After cleaning up the carnage however, I’m falling back on my original ‘resolutions’. We’ve joined our local Rec-Center, so I’ve found my ‘work-out’ plan… having been off facebook for 3 weeks now, I’ll ease back into that, we decided to bail completely on our cable and turned that off, so I’ll use my computer to catch up on my fave show’s, and with a whole new arsenal of healthy dishes I should be able to incorporate quite a few more with some regularity! Yes, as we bring January to a close, it would appear that 2011 is off to a rockin start!

Whatcha think???? I'd love to know!