Texas Visit

Man this week is FLYIN! I can’t believe I’m half way through my trip back to Texas, and what an awesome time it’s been! For those wondering how my resolve is holding up, I’m happy to say we are still intact, though it has not been easy by ANY stretch!
Thus far I’ve been exposed to a FREE Rudy’s BBQ lunch, countless Chuy’s offers, candy bowls at EVERY desk, and somehow managed to make it through a lunch at Olive Garden nibbling on my soup and salad, eyeing the breadsticks the entire time, yet not grabbing one… Whew!!! The kicker came when I had forgotten about the ‘Andes Mint’ drop after you paid the bill, and our server didn’t just drop two of them, one for each diner, it was a full handful! Pushing them across the table to my friend was just adding insult to injury! If I didn’t have airtight motivation, I’m not sure I could have lasted, but now that we’re officially half way through I think I can make it!

It’s crazy coming back to Austin as a visitor, knowing where everything is, yet not having a ‘home’ here any longer. The hardest part about moving across the country is the distance it puts between me and those I love. Having a network of women that I can just call up on a whim and ‘hang out’ with… doing nothing, yet having a wonderful time… that network is always the HARDEST part to leave! It’s easy to get discouraged from time to time, moving to a new place and not feeling those strong connections right away. Coming back here has been a great reminder that it is SO worth the effort to continue putting yourself out there until you do! I have SO many wonderful women in my life, whom I NEVER get to see enough, yet the connections we’ve made along the way overcome the time/distance barrier, and its wonderful being able to fall back into step with them on the few occasions we ARE able to really catch up.
Ladies… whether you are in Michigan, Texas, Virginia… or wherever, thanks for being awesome, accepting me (crazy quirks and all) for who I am, and letting me be a part of your life. You all inspire me in your own special ways, whether it’s your strong faith, self-discipline, ability to face adversity with grace, sense of humor, healthy lifestyles, etc… you are seriously an amazing group and I’m blessed to have you!

Three more days to soak up time with my girls in Austin, for those I missed on this quick trip, when I come back I’m looking you up first! Ya’ll have been the BEST diversion EVER from thinking about the crazy cravings for queso that course through my being!

P.S. Yes, I’ve checked in with my men often, and Kev seems to be managing like a pro with the food he had left behind, and enjoying his time with Caleb and Logan. My nightly chats with Cub does continue to ratchet up my excitement for heading back home though… Ahhhh can’t wait to hug those stinkin cuties!

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