Filtering my "To Do" List

I can’t sleep. I seem to find the hours between 11pm and 2, sometimes 3am, provide the most insightful thoughts. Thoughts that are drowned out during the constant hustle/bustle of normal day to day activities, which when reflected upon, make said day to day activities seem quite trite. I’ve been told to get a pen/paper next to my bed, write my thoughts down as they come, and this activity will aide in the overall sleep attempt, keeping me from mulling things over well into the night. Wonderful advice. Why is it I always seem to remember this nugget of advice around 1-2am???

As I’m sure is the case with most women, and likely some men… although I’m not going to even pretend to understand the male psyche… and they say women are complicated… one word ‘ego’… ya’ll aren’t a walk in the park yourselves, however, I digress.
As I was saying… what keeps me up at night is generally figuring out what I can be doing better. It’s why I think the thought can apply to both men and women, but with women there is a consensus that while we maintain the multiple personalities of Mom, Wife, and Self and all the associated activities, the pervading thought is ‘what step can I take that would make all of this flow just a little bit easier’…. Or maybe I really am just a “supply chain” geek hell bent on organizing EVERY facet of my life!

Whatever the reason, it seems that during my day I used up every minute, and then when I reflect at night, I see every minute I wasted. So, my ‘bedside’ note to myself this evening, is to put a sticky note on my computer that asks myself “are you serving”. Whether its my kids, Kevin, or me, if I feel good about the way I answer that question when I see it, I can be satisfied that I used all my minutes the right way. (WOW, talk about conviction… God didn’t even make the top 3, on the first type through… we’ll bump him to the top of the list… good thing I proof read! How’s that for honesty;), wish I could blame it on the late hour!

We’ll see how tomorrow goes… however at this rate, I’m concerned my first day of ‘serving’ is going to require a nap… Doesn’t bode well for my efforts does it?!? I’ll keep you posted after a few weeks of my experiment how it all goes!

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    Wow! Blogger LIES! According to my computer its saying I posted this at 9:04pm… Yes, cause I would really be sleeping then?!? It’s a little closer to 1:15am, that would make the post about having a hard time sleeping a little more logical!

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