Hello Hormones…

Status quo for me is no muss no fuss, low to no drama. I don’t cry… well at real life anyway… Get me a good Extreme Home Makeover, or a night in with a good Drama, and the waterworks let loose. For the most part, in an agrument, I can keep my head cool, and stay on point.

This however, is the status quo version of myself… who I seem to have misplaced.

The replacement is this pregnant lady that see’s a Wendy’s and NEEDS a frosty, is convinced if I can’t get ahold of my loving devoted husband while he completes a major school project, that he’s left me for the harlot he keeps, and that no employee EVER has been faced with the trials/tribulations I’m encountering on a daily basis.

The trouble with all of this, is I SEE the change, I acknowledge this crazy lady is NOT me, but despite my best efforts at rational thinking, sanity continues to ellude me. So I’ve resorted to the “woooo saaaa” relaxation chants I picked up on from Martin Lawrence on “Bad Boys”, hoping a few deep breaths will clear the hormone induced delusions! I take solace knowing that I don’t embrace crazy and use it as a weapon of mass destruction against those I love… rather I say… “hold on, having a crazy moment” and whether out of respect or need for self preservation they heed my warning.

So here I wait, currently plotting the demise of the service gentleman for making me ‘schedule’ an appointment for an oil change, knowing full well the 2 hour wait is standard (Ever heard of call ahead seating, take a hint dangit!), and day dreaming about a Frosty, cheese quesadillas, a #10 Jimmy John’s sub, and a little Rudy’s Country BBQ to top it all off. I will continue to fight the good fight, and maintain the modicum of status quo girl I know and love… and understand. Eagerly counting the weeks/days/minutes when she can rightfully reclaim her hold on reality, and excersise better self control in the face of delcious treats!

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