In a Pickle

Mmmmm… pickle… that sounds good….. mmmm…. Right, back to the Blog.

I’ve found myself in a bit of a pickle, you see I’m a friendly person, and according to Kevin I’m also hopelessly naive, this combination can land me in rather uncomfortable situations.

My most recent situation, a middle aged ‘body builder’ at the gym who is also very friendly. Up until Friday of last week, I was able to avoid all contact and just return his smile… in my mind I thought it was rude if someone smiled at you, not to return the smile… and let’s be honest I smile at almost everyone anyway. Friday, as I’m heading to the locker rooms, he decided he wanted to talk to me. Keep in mind, I’ve accepted my role as a married woman to give me the freedom to go to the gym looking one tiny step away from absolutely atrocious… I’m there to work out and sweat, not win a man or a beauty award, so it already boggled my mind completely what the draw could be.
It started off something like this:

BB = Body Builder: “You’ve been coming for a couple weeks now right?”

Me “Yes, MY HUSBAND got us a membership just before the New Year.”
BB: “You should stay a little longer, we could do a couple reps together”
Me “I have to get my TWO KIDS out of the kid zone upstairs, they are 1 and 3, and would probably like to get some lunch.”
BB: “Well maybe next time your here, I used to be a personal trainer I could offer you a couple pointers, no charge”
Me “My husband set me up with a pretty good routine, and I usually stick with the 5 pounders, you’d have better luck with someone else”.
By this point I was absolutely SHOCKED my not so subtle candor had not sent the appropriate message, and Mr. BB packing, but he continued to persist…. at one point almost making me laugh out loud when he asked if I knew how to swim (there is a pool at the gym, but if there was even the slightest insinuation that I teach him how, I’d prolly let him drown… or come close… at this point). It had me thinking that those cultures that prohibit eye contact between guys/girls might be on to something. I was finally able to negotiate an exit, and hoped that would be it, but on my way out of the gym today he was still super smiley friendly.
So rather than adding to my already mountainous list of reasons NOT to go to the gym, I’m thinking my next interaction will involve my dreaded confrontational moment… ugh! My round about “No’s” did not work, so I’m thinking the direct, “I appreciate your friendly disposition, but my husband and I respect each other by agreeing not to engage in outside relationships with the opposing gender. If you are still looking for a work-out partner I can introduce you when he’s around.” Sound good? Not rude? I hate being rude, but I suppose there are times when if directness comes off as rude, than so be it.
If my direct doesn’t work, we may have to introduce him to Kevin sooner rather than later… he does direct REAL well šŸ˜‰

Whatcha think???? I'd love to know!