The Great Prayer Conundrum

I need prayer…. to remember all the things I’m supposed to pray about. How’s that for a Christian conundrum!

I’ve got friends looking for husbands, friends wanting to conceive, friends with sick moms, kids, siblings, dads, grandparents, pets, etc…. My church is looking for a new location, we’re trying to solidify our spring semester of groups launching, we NEED more volunteers to support the services we’ve already got…. I’m wanting more of the Holy Spirit, more direction, more energy, more creativity, direction in my career… I’ve got friends becoming missionaries, friends launching books, friends planning 5K’s to support charities, all looking for prayer filled support…. Then of course we’ve got the problems of human trafficking, homelessness, hunger, a broken political system, and someone should seriously be praying for the pigmies down in New Guinea while we’re at it because I hear they’re having a hard time of it as well?!?
I’m highly tempted to get them all on what I’ve heard mentioned as a prayer list, and then just simplify my approach “Dear God, I pray for every item on my prayer list, Amen”… because outside of the ones I’m aware of, I get about 4 gillion more each day… a brief overview to highlight:
God, please let Caleb sleep until 6am….
Crap, Logan’s up…. God, please let Logan not wake Caleb up yet and go back to sleep himself…
No such luck…. God, please give me patience this morning, and a healthy dose of energy would be good.
God, Thank you for letting there be enough milk this morning, please help keep Logan from dumping it all over himself…. Doh!
God, please let Stephanie get here soon, and help the boys be on their best behavior today so she likes us and wants to keep coming back.
God what am I doing at this job, do you want me here, should I be staying home with the boys, could I handle just me and the boys, is my resistance from you or me?
God help me to be a great parent, I want to raise Godly men…. how does one do that?
God, please don’t let the fact that I just yelled at them for not listening for the millionth time scar them forever.
God please show me how to get my children to listen to me.
God can you help me figure this meal planning thing out, so I don’t have to ask you what’s for dinner EVERY night, rather once a week, or better yet, once every other.
God, thank you for my husband, he is an amazing man and I LOVE that he’s the type of man that rushes home after work to be with his family!
God, if its not too much to ask, after ALL I’ve already asked today, could you give me enough energy to… ya’ know… Kevin would really appreciate it….
Does the list get a weekly rotation? Is it supposed to be daily? Is it just when we think about it? Am I putting too much thought into it?
God, can you help me figure out this prayer thing, and how to fit everything in?

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