"Julie" Blume…. Thank you God!

Judy Blume may have coined the phrase “Are you there God?… It’s me Margaret” in her quintessential tween epic, detailing the constant struggles, ups, downs, and everything in betweens of your average pre-pubescent girl, but I’ve decided it’s time to write the sequel… In very “SHORT” story form of course, as I lack the time and motivation to draft the full novel.

You see Margaret and I, well, we shared quite a bit in common in our early years… Both lagged severely behind in ‘physical developments’ (aka… sweater puppies), were hopelessly inept in the art of early flirtation, or for that matter even normal interaction with anyone of the opposite sex… and while Margaret only ‘worried’ she wouldn’t know how to kiss when the time came, I cemented that notion by actually laughing out loud at my first attempt, because it ‘felt funny’…. That relationship, of ALMOST a month, promptly ended 3 days later. Without digressing into even more embarrassing stories of those awkward years, I think it’s safe to assume I quite completely personified our fictional “Margaret”, in person.

That book undoubtedly became, and remains, a cult classic likely in large part to how relatable the title is…. Are you there God??? As I stand on the cusp of the next chapter in my life, I can undoubtedly answer that question with a resounding YES!!!

So what became of our terribly awkward, pre-teen Margaret… (aka Me)… that allows her such conviction in knowing God was indeed there, and listening ALL those years???? She continued to fumble/struggle through the remainder of her adolescent years, desperately trying to fit into a crowd she was never meant to fit into, only to realize, at a MUCH later age, that being awkward at that early age was all part of the ‘plan’. It kept her out of more trouble than she likely could have handled in those formative years, and allowed her time to develop a ‘personality’ that would later capture the heart of the boy she was SUPPOSED to kiss…. The boy that would teach her that all those quirky, ‘awkward’, tendencies were something to be embraced, and love her for them, not in spite of them. After meeting that boy, she got to sit back in awe at the amazingness of the life that unfolded before her, and many years later had a much different letter to pen to God…. That I’m assuming went something like the following:

Are you there God?…. It’s me Julie:

So I’m still awkward… but I’m not complaining about it anymore! I wanted to write you a quick note to say THANK YOU! I don’t know how you do it… and more often wonder WHY you do it… but you continue to amaze me day in and day out by giving me everything I’ve ever wanted out of life… and something’s I never even thought to ask for! I just wanted to let you know that I’m enjoying EVERY minute of this awesome life you gave me, and every minute I’m able to spend in the lives of the even MORE awesome people you’ve filled my life with! If I’m being totally honest here, I do get a little nervous that you might have this ‘life scoreboard’ you monitor, and given all the blessings I’ve received in such a short time span, my quota is almost up. I know, I shouldn’t concern myself with such things, and just be thankful in the moment… but you’re kinda spoiling me here… again… NOT a complaint. Just wanted to say, you pretty much rock at planning my life… thanks for the awesome husband, friends, family, kids, job, house, opportunities, love, acceptance, and grace! I will certainly continue trying to ‘pay it forward’ as best I can, feel free to give pointers on how to improve!
Also, given my recent spoiling… should you feel the need to ‘test’ me, give me an ‘opportunity to grow’, or whatever the current buzz word up in heaven is for the more ‘challenging’ times in our lives down here… If I can ask one thing, it would be that you cement all these wonderful memories in my head right now so that I have them as strength to draw from. I’d like to say, I’ll never question the plan again, in light of recent awesomeness… but I know that would be a lie, considering I see everything happening around me on a daily basis, and still can’t help wonder what the point in some of the struggling I see others going through is for. If you can continue to protect those that I love, and keep them safe, so we can spend MUCH more time together down here, I would REALLY appreciate it!
Thanks again for everything, I can’t wait to see what you still have in store! Love ~*~Julie~*~

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