May 2010 in Review… (I know… its not over yet, but its been a doozie thus far!!!)

It has been a busy couple of weeks for us, and is just the prelude to the whirlwind that awaits! In an effort to stay on top of ‘current’ events, I figured it was time to bring everyone up to speed on what we’ve been up to!

May 2010, while not quite complete, has held some pretty major milestones… and is poised to claim one more biggie before calling it quits! A baby shower, Mother’s Day, Caleb’s 2nd Birthday, Kevin’s graduation, visits from Ma/Pa Alspaugh for Graduation, and Grammie Sue flying in for the birth of Jr. is the highlight reel from this awesome month… We’ve yet to see if a ‘birth’ will make it into the line-up before May wraps!

A few of the more memorable moments from the month include….

At the baby shower, I opted out of the ‘traditional’ shower games, and decided a ‘baby themed’ game of our family favorite “Fish bowl” game would be more fun….. It certainly did not fail to deliver the laughs watching a room full of women try to act out clues for answers to “Breast Pump”, “Circumcision”, and “Knocked Up”!!! I think we ALL got a little more comfortable with each other before the end of THAT party!

Caleb’s 2nd Birthday was a success all-around! I took my lessons learned from throwing his 1st B-day and pared down the invite list from ~40 to 20, and moved it from a weekend where the revolving door worked ALL afternoon to a BBQ on a weeknight… Helping keep things moving and people on time both in coming and going!!! Much less stress for Mama… and Caleb couldn’t have been any happier with all of his ‘friends’ at his ‘party’… the two most common words of the night! It was awesome seeing his face light up that everyone was there, and watching all of his energy as he ran from room to room ‘checking out the scene’. It was a little bittersweet for me, knowing how much his world was going to change in the next couple months, but made it ALL that much more special to honor him for the amazing little man he is!

Graduation, being the next major milestone, is an impossible task to summarize…. There aren’t words to explain how it felt attaining a goal Kevin and I have been working toward for essentially the entire duration of our marriage! While I do feel a sense of pride in my own contributions of support/cheerleading on the sidelines, it is overwhelmed by the awe and gratitude I have for Kevin…. And since I have NO shame, I will use my ‘semi public’ blog 😉 forum to heap more accolades upon him! Thank you babe for being the MOST amazing husband a girl could ever ask for, thank you for putting in all those LONG hours, sleepless nights, and sacrificed weekends to make our dreams come true! I appreciate you more than you could possibly imagine, and am so thankful my babies have such a wonderful role model in their dad! I LOVE YOU!!!

Saturday was QUITE the marathon event however… Wake-up call at 5:30am, on campus by 6:45, Ceremony from 8-10, walking the campus for pictures until ~12:30… An impromtu interview from our local news….. (

Home for a quick lunch and nap for Caleb, then off to a great after party with a bunch of our Texas friends that have been cheering us on along the way! Needless to say, doing all that while 9 months preggers left me feeling like I’d been hit by a Mack Truck Sunday morning, so we played it VERY low key on Sunday… Church, a nice breakfast, then naps/pool for the remainder of the day!

Mom/Dad Alspaugh fly out tomorrow (Tuesday) morning, and by Thursday my mom will be landing to kick off our next big adventure… Welcoming Jr. into the world!!!! As you can see… things are QUITE hectic around here, so don’t be TOO surprised if my next update is a ‘recap’ of JUNE! 🙂

Whatcha think???? I'd love to know!