My Name is Julie and I WAS a Facebook Addict

The addiction was FAR worse than I thought. I’m going through withdrawals for goodness sakes!! I have probably glanced over at my personal computer 10 times today, itching to log on to Facebook, “just for a second” to see what was going on. My mind immediately started concocting ways ‘to score my next hit’… If Kevin read me any comments from my page surely that was legit… or if I logged on via my phone, with the screen so small, I would be on for a fraction of the time, so THAT must be o.k…

“No one would ever have to know”….

When that thought crossed my mind, I knew I was done for. First, I was TOTALLY embarrassed that I’d let something SO stupid zap SO much of my time and thought. Then I remembered, someone WOULD know… which was immediately followed by the thought, “and this was why you needed to get off it in the first place”.

Lesson learned for the day, and its really a mind bender so try to stay with me: Addiction is Addiction, no matter the substance being abused. Some of you are probably like… that’s it… I was ready for the quadratic equation, and you give me 2+2???? I can’t help it, when I realize my response to giving something up elicits thoughts that I can liken to someone suffering from alcohol/drug withdrawals it kinda opens up your eyes a bit!

So tack one more on to that list of ‘unsuspecting’ addictions… those things our World condones, supports, and propagates, things like work or working out… Well Facebook, T.V., Twitter, etc… should rank right up there cause man it just sneaks up on you and before you know it your hooked, pouring all your free time right down the drain.

Just 2 days into the Fast, and already seeing some rewards! With 19 more to go, I can’t imagine what kind of perspective I’m gonna have when it’s all said and done!

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  1. Jill says:

    I was/AM a Facebook AND candy addict. Haven’t had candy since Sunday and am only allowing myself 1 FB check a day. It’s embarrassing how frequently my mind thinks about checking it… often subconsciously even. Geez… FB sure has power. At least I’m confident in knowing we’re TOTALLY not alone in this addiction… we’re just strong enough to publicly admit it and do something about it. Thanks for the inspiration! xoxo

    -P.S. would love to see some of your meal plans/ideas…

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