Nap Time…. Thanks God

Whoever made the comment “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” either didn’t have small children, was an atheist, or manic depressive at their inability to achieve cleanliness.

I’m actually disgusted with myself, as I choose to write this blog over picking up the crumbled granola bar on my kitchen floor. Why didn’t I just pick it up? Because I did, about 10 minutes ago, and somehow its back there again?!?
It’s nap time, so I will pick it up…again… before the tiny tornado’s wake up and I usher them quickly outside in my feeble attempt at preserving a clean house for the 2 minutes Kevin will see it when he walks through the door. Exactly two minutes after that, you will never have been able to tell I spent the better part of their 2 hour nap putting this place back together.
It’s absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to clean while their awake… This proven today as I tried to re-stack the books that Logan had pulled off the bookshelf, only to have him realize what I’d done, so he could return to the scene of the crime and do it again. Prior to that, I’d asked Caleb to stop dragging a plastic ball around the floor, because he was dragging it through the peanut butter and jelly sandwich Logan had pulled apart, and then thrown face down on the floor (which I was in the process of cleaning up). Instead of stopping, he continues with the action while asking “why does this bother you?”
-Deep Breath- (He’s still pulling it around the floor)
I ask him to stop moving so I can show him, he drags the ball (still on the floor) over to where I am,-Deep Breath- , and I show him the trail of PB&J that is now running the width of his most recent track. “Daddy let’s me do this”. I’m sure this is a boldface lie, and since we are working on lying right now, I ask him if he’s telling me the truth. “I don’t want to tell you”.
-Deep Breath-… Followed by silent prayer…. (or maybe it was a lamentation) “Dear God, this child is yours, can I get a little help here?”
Nap time…. Thanks God.

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