One Month Down

Just ran two miles. Without walking.  Twenty straight minutes of running.  Just like that.  Boom.

Ok, well not exactly ‘just like that’.  There was plenty of wheezing and pleading to God that it be over already, and cursing the 10k app for lulling me into this complicit little relationship where I’d grown fond of our run/walk routine only to have the rug pulled out from underneath me during wk 5.  Up until today my max was 8 minutes before that beloved gong would sound and I’d get to walk for a couple minutes.  Then suddenly, without warning, I finish the 5 minute warm-up walk, and the polite monotone computer app voice instructs me to begin running for 20 minutes.

Uh, huh, what was that now?

Exciting news, I survived.   I celebrated with some dark chocolate and then noticed the open peanut butter jar on the counter top.  I couldn’t resist the dip.  Celebrating small victories, I’ve determined, is going to be the key to my long term success.  It’s been a solid month on the wagon. I wish I could say I noticed more of a difference, liked all of this hard work just a little more,  anything…. I’m not quite there yet.  Where I am is ONE MONTH CLOSER to a bathing suit in the Caribbean, and that my friends is all the motivation I need (for now).

January ended up being a little more exciting than it has in years past.  Thanks to a Southwest Airlines spam-o-gram, a pipe dream that my friend Jill planted in my brain over Christmas vacay came to fruition.  While catching up over dinner in Michigan, she casually mentioned she and two other girlfriends from High School were making a break for some fun in the sun over a long weekend at the end of January, staying at her parents condo, so lodging was covered.  It sounded amazing, but it hadn’t been THAT long since my wonderful husband made it possible for the girls trip to St. Lucia, I figured I better pass.   The universe thought otherwise, because I was just sitting here on a random Tuesday catching up on work, when Southwest sends me their ‘wanna get away’ flights.  $120 roundtrip ticket.  I mean really.  I figured he could always say ‘no’, but I would kick myself for not even asking.   I definitely got some high eyebrows, and my voice might have jumped a couple octaves while reassuring him that ‘no’ was a perfectly acceptable answer, but that this WAS a really cheap opportunity for fun AND a chance to catch up with friends I never see.  I might have also thrown in that the idea of wearing a bathing suit in 3wks vs. 3 months would be a REALLY wonderful way to get me over the hump with the running app and healthy eating…. I have no shame.

Because he is AMAZINGLY awesome wonderful and simply the best, I got to go!  Bonus, was flying in/out of Ft. Myers gave me the chance to have dinner with my grandparents while I was down there too!

We brought down the average age in each restaurant by a solid decade, and even took an evening to get a little shopping in…. However we found ourselves SEVERAL decades too young for the going fashion trends in the area 🙂

It was an awesome few days of peace, catching up with friends, and SUN…. Look at that wonderful tan line I snagged in just 3 short days by the pool!  One of my favorite revelations of adulthood is that you can go years without seeing someone, only talking sporadically, and still have the best time reconnecting, enjoying each other fully in the moment!

I am actively trying to shove Kevin out the door for an adventure of his own.  Lord knows the man deserves it.  We have fun coming up in April and May, but seeing as how I get to go on those too….  It doesn’t go too far in balancing the scales.   If anyone reading this knows of a guys trip I can send him on, keep me posted!

I have so much more I want to tell y’all but the words aren’t fully formed in my head yet, so I have to wait on clarity there.  It’s coming, I can feel it, and will share it with y’all as soon as I can get it out in an intelligible format.



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