Sono Update

We have a HEARTBEAT!!!!!  Hip Hip Hooray!!!!  Thank you God!!!!  Some people are good at dragging out news, really setting the stage and creating a build-up.  Me, not so much.

I actually slept alright last night, thanks to the many prayers I’m sure, and only really started to freak out again when I sat on the exam table.  It was shockingly small.  To the point that my heart actually dropped at first sight, convinced this was round three.  The tech did her thing, and was amazingly reassuring.  The baby is measuring smaller than I had anticipated, by almost a week, but the tech assured me that is likely attributed to being off on my count (which is certainly a possibility given how off EVERYTHING has been with the multiple miscarriages).

She looked into the bleed, and said it was a ‘subchorionic hemmorage’, which apparently is common and she said it was healing, and that everything else looks good.

We aren’t out of the woods for sure, the baby is only measuring just under 7wks, so still 5 more weeks until we would pass the 12wk holy grail mark.  Still praying for health and protection all the way through, but thanking God for his faithfulness in answering my prayer for a healthy heartbeat.  150 BPM’s…. I heard it…. I saw it…. Thank you God! 

Kevin asked on the way home if I was going to be more ‘normal’ now.  Its debateable if I’ve ever been normal, and most people reading this are likely female and can attest to the insane nature of our fantastic hormones…. so we’ll see how normal I can be 🙂   I did reassure him however, that the heartbeat has calmed my immediate fears, and was the best possible gift I could get heading into the holiday season!

Thank ya’ll again for the support, prayers, encouragement, and love this week!  So much to be thankful for, my heart is very full this morning!!!


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