Standing Guard Against Sandy

I make rules up as I go.  Daily blog has just been updated to 5 days a week blog.  This is your public service announcement. 

The winds are picking up here.  With single paned glass windows, the feeling is simlar to when you are trying to pop a ballon, and you’re just waiting for it to explode.  Not my favorite.  I can’t tell which is making me more anxious.  The windows, or the thought of losing power with a 2 and 4 year old stranded in the house.  That is a SCARY thought.  Suffice it to say, I’m being a bit more liberal with the T.V. for now.  I need to save the creative activities for if/when we lose power…. cause with the brunt still not here, and two ‘brown-outs’ already under our belt…. I fell like its a matter of time until we begin the worlds longest game of hide and seek.

I think the most interesting part of hurricane prep thus far has been watching the reactions of everyone else.  With the D.C. area being so transient, it certainly provides an opportunity to see where people moved from.  You have the hurricane veterens from the south.  They have the generator, the flashlights, the batteries, water, canned foods, and have all of this stuff ready about a week before the forecasted hurricane will hit.
Those from the west coast fall into two polorized categories: either totally freaked out because they have NO idea what to expect, or super laid back having expereinced many ‘earthquakes’ with little impact.

Coming from the mid-west you can call me either niave or chill.  It’s rain and wind.  Rain and 50 degree’s seems way better to me than a blizzard and temps hovering around 0.  The wind is only scary when it gusts, you stop for a sec, watch the trees, the gust dies down and your back to rain.  Granted it only takes a second for a tree to snap and fall on your house, but I can’t control that any better by worrying about it, so I say a prayer to protect my house and call it a day. 

There was one pic that struck me on facebook today as I was reviewing the status updates.  The picture of the Marines gaurding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  I read the story behind the picture.  This tomb has been under CONSTANT 24/7 watch since it was erected in the 1930’s.  At one point in 2003 when Hurricane Isabella was headed straight for DC and the governement elected for a 2 day shut down, this position was approached and told they could stand down.  The Marines said no.  They said it was the highest honor to stand guard in this position, and they would not leave their post.  I don’t care what poltical beliefs or affiliations you hold, if this doesn’t make you proud to be an American, and want to honor and support our troops that sacrafice SO much, in whatever post they hold, I don’t know what would.

Seeing that picture puts patroling asiles for a gallon of water, batteries, and some peanut butter in perspective.  Staying safe, and warm, and dry for now, and praying for these awesome men and women serving our country, and those who are not as blessed by the ability to stay warm and dry.

Whatcha think???? I'd love to know!