‘Super’ Funny

Are you familiar with the internal struggle that exists between your childish self, the one that giggles relentlessly at inappropriate jokes, and your age appropriate self who fights the losing battle to drag your collective median age past 15?   The struggle is real, y’all.

It only get’s worse when you have kids.  The crap they pull is HILARIOUS, (when its not infuriating), mostly because they don’t have a clue why you’re laughing so hard.  Their innocence is the icing on the cake that makes you grab your sides, while you try to catch your breath from laughing hysterically.   Better yet, when they continue repeating the funny behavior because they realized whatever they did got a positive reaction.  The problem, however, is the subsequent moral dilemma that presents itself.  Do you share these hysterical moments with the world, bringing joy and levity to loved ones near and far, or do you shelter your sweet cherubs from possible later embarrassment?

Having experienced PLENTY of embarrassment over the course of my life, and developing a thick skin as a result, I lean more toward sharing our hilarity.  You should know though, I’m breaking my arm patting myself on the back over here, because I waited a SOLID 24 hours before sharing this picture of my super hero squad with you.  This is progress.  I’m also a little proud that I’m managing to exercise a modicum of discretion and NOT highlighting why I found this picture so ridiculously hysterical.  I figure if you don’t find it on your own, I applaud your level of maturity.  Happy Halloween from the Alspaugh’s.   If, however, you find it within a fraction of a second, like myself, consider yourself in good company ;)!

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