Thankful at Thanksgiving!

It’s not often I fall off the grid.  I did this past week.  It was glorious.  There is a little unhealthy anxiety at thinking I need to somehow catch-up on it all, but a cursory scan of Facebook indicated that would be all but impossible, so I’m getting better at brushing the anxiety aside. 

I’ve been following the ‘Thankful’ posts of friends all month, contemplating all the things I’m thankful for in my life.  I determined I needed WAY more than a month of days to list them all, which made me feel overwhelmed, so I grabbed some m&m’s and decided to be thankful for those in the moment rather than hyperventilating.

After a week with my family it is much easier to align on the one.  I am so thankful for my family.  We are a unique bunch for sure.  However, as I was reminded at church this past Sunday, unique families are the norm now-a-days.  Despite living with each other for 18ish years, we know remarkably little about what makes each other tick, especially after going on 10+ years apart now.  Regardless of the changes we’ve experienced, or the differences we have, we are able to reunite throughout the year without focusing on the changes or the differences.  When we see each other, we see a life long bond, one that is meant to last and one that requires love and respect of differences to sustain. 

It’s a miracle really.  A holiday miracle. 

I used to wonder if things needed to be discussed.  But in between the joy filled squeals of kids running about, and holiday meals being shared, the question always remained…. when?  Is it possible to grow together as we grow up separately?  I wasn’t sure.  Then it hit me.  This was yet another area where I was operating on my time tables.  I love my family.  I love our differences.  We are each uniquely gifted to support one another in different areas.  I don’t need to be concerned with anything else.  I get to enjoy my time here.  Enjoy falling off the grid.  Enjoy being invited to my sisters class room to watch her create memories for a class room full of kids.  Enjoy sipping hot cocoa with my mom in the morning.  Enjoy talking adventures in babydom with little sis, and enjoy adventures with crazy papi and the boys.  I am thankful for how close both my families and Kevin’s are, that we’re able to coordinate visits with everyone when we come home, and that both families are so respectful of the limitations our calendar’s have.

Thankful and hopeful for what the future will bring for our awesome families!!!

Whatcha think???? I'd love to know!