That. Just. Happened.

I’m kinda a waste case today….. It’s close to 2p, and I’m still in my pajama’s, and my kids fended for themselves for lunch because the sitter left town early for Thanksgiving, yet I still had a conference call.  I emerged from my 30 minute call to find the kitchen utterly destroyed, so I shooed the bigger boys out the door to enjoy my lunch in peace before mustering up all the gumption I had for the day and clean the house for the 15th time this week. (It’s only Tuesday… they are professional mess makers)

Lil man stayed in to play and keep me company, and I’d been texting with Kev, so I took the opportunity to keep him appraised of the ever important details of our day.

It started innocently enough….


No judgement…. I know we’re not the only spouses that send totally random and often inappropriate texts to each other.  Besides, I quickly realized a cardinal rule exists when publicly embarrassing your kids….. They will ALWAYS get the last laugh….. (which sends a small shiver down my spine as I share this with the world, but how could I not….. I mean THAT. JUST. HAPPENED?!?)



Kevin’s response: “Sorry babe…. I promise I’m not laughing”…… Whatever.

Anyway… clearly I have my hands full today, but seriously….. that was NOT how I anticipated my funny little text to daddy turning out!  Hope you enjoyed this little vignette into the crazy antics that occur in my house, back to your regularly scheduled daily programming 🙂

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