The Freedom to Choose

I was looking forward to the political frenzy dying down.  I am very thankful to see the stupid yard signs removed from the medians of most major road-ways.  I’m also curious at the delicate balance between the intelligence of politicians, and those voting for them.  Does a politician really gain that many more votes from having signs declaring their name LITERALLY spaced 5 feet apart all along a road?  Are they really concerned that if they don’t place one infront of every opponents yard sign, we’ll somehow miss theirs?  I would love to know what the sign budget is for these campaigns.

The signs are gone.  The issues aren’t.

I just read this article.  It made me sick to my stomach.  I didn’t realize before today, that there was a need to qualify my vote.  I am  pro-life AND pro-choice.  I would LOVE to see abortions drop to zero.  If that occured because *most people wised up and realized a consequence of sex was babies, and approached it more responsibly, well that would be awesome, but unfortunately that doesn’t appear to be a realistic option currently.  (*most, is in reference to the 90+% that are not a result of traumatic exchanges).

I do believe life starts at conception.  Unless you take action against the natural progression, it results in a living person… you know… one of US. 

Today, however, I also realized I’m pro-choice.  I am all for having the choice to be for or against something.  Yet, our pro-choice political party seems rather content with themselves at ticking off personal freedoms.  It boggles my mind that a group of people in support of a party that’s major proponent is personal freedoms: freedom to marry whomever, freedom to abort whenever, freedom to smoke pot and live in tents in major metropolitians across the country, are not at all concerned with the governement extending the long arm of the law to force a group of people into doing something against their personal beliefs.  I have a hard time believing a group of people so large would not see the big picture, that what it does to one group sets a precedent enabling it to do to all.

It’s sad, that political parties have turned things SO around that they portray the other party in such an extreme.  I am pro-life.  That does not mean, I have an intent on fighting abortions into oblivian.  I would rather the choice exisit for someone, than see that person harm themselves in some way because of a hopelessness they feel engulfing them.  However, I would like to see the path to enact such a decision set with ‘speed bumps’, that causes the person to slow down and think about the choice they are going to make.  A session or two of therapy, a slightly higher out of pocket fee, the presence of a friend/potential father at steps in the process.  Something that gives the individual a moment of pause before they take action against the life forming inside of them, forces them to look at the consequence of their decision, rather than ignoring its exsistence.  I do not want to see the choice made so easy that pills, which terminate the natural order of a life, are available down the hall at a dorm room’s RA, or available at your employeer free of charge…. you know… just incase.  Sick.  

Why should I, or Hobby Lobby, have to pay for that choice?  Shouldn’t we be afforded a choice?  Do we not have the same freedoms as an individual choosing to engage in an activity that creates life?  Stop hiding behind an ignorance, that the alternative can be so extreme, that you must support forcing people to freely give something against their beliefs, and afford them the same freedom you are trying to protect…. The freedom to choose.

Whatcha think???? I'd love to know!