The Grocery Store Challenge

I’m throwing out a challenge. Find me the smartest person alive, and I will stupefy them with a trip to the grocery store.

The parameters of the game are as follows:

$100 Dollars to Spend
Will feed a family of 4 for a week (careful how you estimate kid portions… if you haven’t met mine)
You cannot plan on serving the same meal twice for dinner (lunch left overs are permissible, but not in excess)
You can spend no more than 1hr in the store
Must remember to use at least one coupon (cause you really are trying)
Must ensure receipt is 100% accurate in pricing of items on sale
You have to keep my two children with you, at all times
You need to complete said challenge without injury to self/others.

Some of you read that, and scoffed at my menial abilities, convinced of your mad skills. Others of you, without knowing any better, thought “awwww, bless her heart”… I know what that means… I spent 8 years in the south! Still others, armed with first-hand knowledge of the challenging feat, offer empathy. Thank you.

The kicker. Additional parameters for “Healthy”:

Cannot contain any High Fructose Corn Syrup
All items must have less than 25% daily sodium percentage per serving
All items must also have less than 10% daily sugar percentages per serving
Any Fruit/veggies grown in the ground, or which you eat the skin of, must be organic.
No dyed foods (Red Dye #7, Blue #8…. That stuff will kill you ya’ know 😉

This is not for the faint of heart people. I’m not kidding when I estimate at any given time approximately 3 equations trying to be processed in my head for any single item I put in the cart. Example: “The jar of sauce, says 2 for $5… easy enough $2.50, but its only 16oz, and this other one is 24oz, and costs $3.00… Hmmm 8 oz more, one additional serving, for .$50…… Oh wait, now flip it over for the nutrition facts…. The 16 oz one is lower in overall sodium and sugar, oh wait… there is this 3rd option close in price…. (remember those kids you brought with you… at this point in time, one has walked around the corner, and the other is trying desperately to wiggle out of the cart seat, while whining to you about getting down, and also grabbing things you don’t want to buy off the shelf and throwing them into the cart)…. Where were we at again on those equations?

So who’s gonna give it a whirl??? Any Takers??? The smartest person alive, was given that title for a reason, they are smart enough to know that the challenge set before them is impossible. Prove me wrong. I’ll buy you dinner!

Whatcha think???? I'd love to know!