The Ultimate Cliffhanger

I know…. I know… I know…. I can’t put don’t call or text in a blog like my last one and ever expect it to work.  However there is something to be said about the incredible response rate you get to any communication during your last week or two of pregnancy.  It’s almost become a game for me to call my mom, because what was hit/miss before has shifted to a never fail answer on the first or second ring.   I’m the same way with others, wondering, waiting, trying to decide if I can call for the 11th time without being a pest, just to get an update.  I hate the cliffhangers as well, so now I feel obliged to at least provide an update on how the day has progressed.

Because, ofcourse it would work this way…. JUST about the time that euphoric, peaceful, tranquil quiet morning reflection time started to fade back into, ‘holy crap, its almost 6am, I’ve been up for 4 hours and am exhausted’, my house started to wake up.   To play it on the safe side, Kevin decided to work from home, so I tried to go back to bed for a little while in the morning.  Between contractions still coming fairly regularly, and the boys waking up searching for breakfast, there wasn’t much sleep to be had.  I ventured back out around 8 hoping moving would have some effect on the contractions.  The excitement of why Daddy was working from home and wondering if I WAS GOING TO HAVE A BABY TODAY, from the boys, occupied a good portion of the next hour.

My favorite part was when I coughed and Logan calls from the breakfast table…. ‘Hey mom, was that a contraction?”.

With the typical chaos ensuing it became difficult to count/track contractions, as I suspected, but it didn’t help matters I was sleep deprived and couldn’t make sense of life if I had wanted to.   I loved getting sweet texts throughout the morning from y’all though 🙂  Warmed my heart right up knowing so many people were praying for the safe arrival and thinking about me in those moments.

After the ZILLION and a half questions had been answered, and we told the boys “NO, we are NOT calling everyone we know right now to tell them baby is coming”.  Things finally started to transition back to what a normal day might look like.  Kevin took his computer downstairs and I tried to be present in my sleepy state with the boys, and get school underfoot.  After a few hours of still no change in the contraction department, I figured I’d try to take a walk with the boys to either get things cranking or figure out if it would subside so I could FINALLY get a nap.

We’ve walked… We’ve napped…. and I think I’ve accepted May 6th likely won’t be a birthday in our house.  I still feel a bit off, and contractions  persist, but I’m embracing that peace I found in the wee hours this morning.  I’m surrendering myself to the process.  Apparently baby girl and God had their own discussion on how they see it panning out and saw fit to leave me out of that discussion.  So, I will embrace my confused state wondering what this is or isn’t, feeling her movements and sitting in awe at God’s design watching this beautiful little mystery unfold before me.

Thanks for all the love and prayers, I WILL keep you posted, I promise:)


    • Julie says:

      Congratulations Courtney!!! So exciting to even the playing field in your home with another sweet lil girl 🙂 I’ll have to check out your blog for some pic’s!! Hope y’all are getting settled well in Utah, Love you!!

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