The Waiting Game.

Tick…. Tock…. Tick…. Tock….

We’re still waiting.  I did not forget to make a post and am sitting here snuggling my sweet love, while you all wait and wonder.  D-day came and went this past Tuesday, which in all honesty I’m really O.K. with, despite SUPER anxious to meet our girl.  With Caleb’s birthday on Monday, having a FEW more days between birthdays will be much nicer basically EVERY year of their life, except this one, when I want her OUT!

I had my 40wk check-up yesterday and everything is looking good.  I did mention the fact that it would probably be in ALL of our best interests if they did whatever they could at the appointment yesterday to trigger labor BEFORE my mom arrives this coming Wednesday.  They didn’t quite follow, figuring who WOULDN’T want to witness the miracle of a home birth.  However, when I explained that my mother would be watching from the point of view of her daughter bringing her granddaughter into the world in a non-medical environment, and likely call an ambulance all on her own just to stand guard in the driveway, they understood a little better.   They took the measures at their disposal, I’ve walked probably 3-4 miles every day this week, and have had a straight run of Mexican food for like 6 days straight.  We’re doing what we can.

Yet…. Here she sits.


So in honor of her waiting until the Pitch Perfect premier, I will take my mind off waiting for contractions to start in the best way possible….. FAT AMY here I come!

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  1. A Place We Call Home says:

    Oh, Julie! Having my baby before now makes me feel a twinge of guilt, hah! But in all seriousness, I am praying for you and baby girl and I just know God has the perfect birthday picked out for her (all though, I totally know how hard the waiting game is)! Hugs, friend! I hope you enjoyed the movie last night!

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