They See Me Rollin….

Oh how I wish y’all could have seen me this afternoon, but since you can’t I feel it’s my obligation to provide you with a detailed description, so you can laugh at the ridiculousness of it all.

It was GORGEOUS here this afternoon, seventy three degrees, blue sky, sunshine…. Perfect!  I absolutely LOVE the surprise spring days that remind you warm weather is almost here to stay.  The boys all but completely stripped down, even asking if we could bust out the slip and slide.  Much to their disappointment, I reminded them there would be plenty of time for that in the months to come.  Kevin even got home a little early to enjoy the beautiful afternoon with the boys and took them to the park.

The outdoors was CALLING to me as well, but so was the opportunity to grocery shop in under 45 minutes without my entourage.  I grabbed my sunnies, and with Kevin taking the Mini-van to the park,  got sporty in the CX-7 and made full use of the sun roof and rolled all my windows down.  There are times when I’m in the mood for silence during rare moments without the kids, this was not one of those times.   I flipped through the stations and couldn’t find anything that grabbed me, so I checked to see what was in the hubs CD player.  Since Kev’s all hip and up on the latest technology thingy’s, he just sync’s the MP3’s on his phone, and doesn’t bother with this ancient compact disc technology anymore.  I’m fairly certain I would have died trying to figure out this phone sync thing, so thankfully there was still an old CD in there from who know’s when…. but to give you an idea of how old it might be….this home made CD included the lyrical stylings of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ludacrious, Kanye, and a few other hip hop artists.

You guys…. I don’t know what happened….. it was like I was suddenly 21 again.  With no little ears in the car to account for, I just giggled at how ridiculous the lyrics were that I once tried my absolute best to ‘twerk’ too…. Miley would have still been “Hannah Montana” during this era of my life, so I don’t really know what you could have called the dancing that occurred back then.   I simply couldn’t reconcile the dichotomy without CRACKING up… Mentally  I was all ‘they see me rolling, they hatin, trying to catch me ridin dirty’….. In reality, when I sneezed at a stop light I peed a little cause I’m 6wks shy of welcoming a FOURTH child, and wasn’t riding dirty at all (unless you consider the pee) but coming home from Costco with cleaning supplies, diapers, and groceries.

So in an effort to combine ALL ridiculous cliche’s at once…. I snapped a selfie of me with my best ‘duck face‘ , and put up some ‘dueces for my homies‘ because…. just…. yes.



Is it normal to be convinced you actually, at ANY point in your life, pulled this off WITHOUT looking ridiculous???   Maybe its just normal to realize you WERE ridiculous at 21, and embrace with a new level of appreciation how AWESOME the thirties are!  Either way…. when Kevin saw this picture, he wasn’t sure we could stay married any longer if I was going to revert to duck-face and deuces!


  1. Sara says:

    What makes it even better is you can just make out the “Oh no she didn’t” expression on the face of the driver next to you. I will never think of riding dirty the same now, thank you 🙂

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