Titles are Hard when you’re Tired….

My hope is that words fall quickly out for this blog, because I was already in bed.  I want to be sleeping right now, but I was reading Mark 3 while falling asleep and a verse just jumped into my brain and said send me out into the world.  At first I was like, no, not now.   Then I was like, fine I’ll text it to a few friends that maybe it could be significant for, and call it a day.  But then I was thinking, wait this is significant for basically everyone I know because their awesome.  And, well, clearly it would take longer to send a personalized text to all the awesome people I know reminding them how awesome they are. SO. Blog.

Also my brain has a nasty habit of making a decision all on its own that my body is not on board with, and then going on strike.  Example, when my body is saying… please for the LOVE OF GOD, SLEEP.  If my brain is not on board with this strategy, it will just write and re-write this blog in my head until I get it on paper, which has been known to keep me up ALL night.  Rude.

So…. Mark 3:27 “But no one can enter a strong (wo)man’s house and plunder his/her goods, unless he first binds the strong person up.  Then indeed he can take whatever he pleases.”

Ladies, stop shying away from your strength.  When I stop and survey the people I know, there is not a weakling in the bunch.  I am in a company of some seriously kick ass/take no prisoner women…. and yet some how we get entangled, and tied up, and then start losing things.  I’m sick of losing things that I work my BUTT off to gain.  I’m sick of watching friends get bound up in a lie, offense, worry, resentment, and watch their joy, peace, and contentment just walk right out the door before their very eyes.

I can’t really think of anything more important to write about than to remind you, that at your absolute weakest, there is a perfect strength waiting to carry you through.  Be the bad ass.  Own that strength.  It’s yours for the taking.   I was texting some of my friends this evening, this exact thought.  My life is beyond overwhelming currently, and that panicky, overwhelmed, fear that I’m losing myself, my mind, or both seems like a constant pull waiting to tie me up and drag me under.  But I feel Him.   I haven’t always been able to say this….. scratch that.  Until recently I’ve NEVER been able to say that.   I knew Him, occasionally heard Him, but when people explained this phenomenon of FEELING Him, I would just kinda shrug and be like ‘yeah, I mean sure, on a nice summer day when its calm and the wind is blowing peacefully, sure I feel Him too’.    This is different.   This is sitting in the middle of the row boat while the storm rages on all sides, and screaming Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, I REALLY HOPE YOU HAVE A PLAN IN THIS, and Him half mumbling in His sleep, ‘Don’t worry, I got this.’    Which, I’d like to tell you, then lets me roll over and pass out into a blissful sleep…. but clearly we’re not sleeping super well in these parts.  Rather, I’m basically white knuckling the side of the boat, repeating over and over in my head, “He said don’t worry…. He said Don’t worry.  Stop worrying, Julie.  Your not dead yet, the boat is still right side up.  He said don’t worry… this is me not worrying…… ”   Then tapping him again every five minutes, just to make sure he still realizes we’re in a storm, and should maybe I start worrying NOW?

So yeah…. sometimes, being the bad ass, is white knuckling the side of the boat, and tapping Jesus every five minutes just in case its time to worry yet.  What it’s not, is getting all tied up watching someone waltz out your front door with something you’ve worked much of your life to find in the first place!  So if you’re feeling bound up, know I’m praying against that tonight while I try to fall asleep, believing all my friends are on their own terrifying, death defying (literally) adventures, all their own.  I LOVE your adventures!  I LIVE for the adventure, and I know most of you are too.  They might not always look like the adventures we thought we’d be on, but they are adventures none-the-less, and there are more to be had, so if you’re not loving your current adventure…. its just preparing you to weather even crazier stunts in the future (which, if you’re like me, is both exhilarating….. and MORE terrifying)!

That’s all.  My brain has run out of words.   Peace out….. I’m going to sleep…. Hopefully!IMG_20160128_210828

Body says sleep…. Eyes, say sleep….. Brain says lets debate the meaning of life all night….. Mutiny, I tell you!

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  1. Esther says:

    I’m ready to be kick ass again!! Too much has walked out my door and I wanna get my “stuff” back!
    Thank you for this! (You’re definitely one of my favorite ass kickers! LOL)

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