Two Peas from the Same Pod??? We’ll see :)

I used to wonder how it was possible that me and my sisters came from the same parents… our personalities are SO different. However, after seeing all the minute differences there have been between Caleb’s first year on this planet and Logan’s, I’ve got a better appreciation for how all this might have transpired.

When I think back to Caleb’s first year, and how diligent I was with following all the ‘guidelines’: when to introduce foods, how to introduce foods, how long to practice tummy time, exposure to T.V., focused play time, sleeping schedules, etc… It contrasts sharply with Logan’s first year. The fact that I tossed him a Fig Newton without a second thought at 8 months to naw on, and that his ‘focused play’ is generally centered around my being focused enough to avert a scream before Caleb pounces on him. Caleb got to ‘cry it out’ around 3 months, while Logan’s screams during the night got me out of bed immediately to silence them before they woke Cubby. Logan has had his mama with him just about every day since birth, where as Caleb got me undiluted for the first 12 weeks, but then had to manage the transition to Day Care for the next two years.
All these tiny differences, in the grand scheme of things seem inconsequential. Both boys have a mom and dad who love them dearly and tell them daily. Yet, I believe it’s these differences that are ultimately shaping their little personalities, and it’s SO interesting to see. Caleb still wants to be entertained. He had our undivided attention, and he still wants it… and isn’t afraid to let us know that. Logan, is an independent little free spirit. He LOVES to find his own things to do, and would LOVE it even more if we’d give him free range to do it… however until he learns that the toilet bowl is not his personal ‘water table’, and that cupboards are closed for a reason, I have to keep somewhat of a close eye on him.
I can’t wait to see how these differences develop further over the next year… especially as we get into the fun stage of actually communicating, and understanding each other with Logan. These past couple years with Cub have been the best, where we move PAST the blob stage and can actually start experiencing life together! It’s definitely reinforced my original thoughts on my “Mom Evolution”… While I do want to still try for my girl, and possibly even another after that, I’ve accepted the fact that being the mom to the sub one crowd is not my forte. I love some of the aspects of it… the snuggling is unsurpassed for SURE, but on the whole… I just don’t get into following the structure of schedules, making the baby food, the diapers, the sleepless nights, or the NURSING… Talk about the mother of all schedule limitations!
Some women are able to look at all of it as a glorious adventure, and like I said, parts of 0-1 are… but on a whole, if I’m being honest, I look at it as a necessary evil… something to endure that forges that everlasting bond with the child for all you put into making it through. So I’ll continue to keep my eye on the prize of a big family, with siblings close in age to enable those life long bonds, and keep on trucking through the insanity that accompanies these younger years!

Whatcha think???? I'd love to know!