We’re Moving!!!

I wish you could see it right now!

I’ve been picturing it all day, dreaming of furniture lay-outs, walks to the park, playdates, and backyard BBQ’s!
It’s beautiful, all ~1300sq ft. of it, and it feels like the Taj Ma Jal next to our current humble abode.
I’m going to have a dishwasher again, and my very own washer and dryer right in the basement…

After reading the above, you would think I had been living in a van down by the river or something for the last year, that is not actually the case. We were truly spoiled by location here, and that’s what made this past house hunt so arduous. I couldn’t just give up all the cool stuff that was a stone’s throw away just for the cookie cutter townhome or single family 5-10 miles further out in suburbia. I’ve actually been looking for months now, so I knew what a rare gem I had found the second it popped up on Craig’s List. It still surprised me that a mere 2 days later he had over 30 interested parties, 24 lined up to see the property, and 19 that made it through with approved applications.
I would really like to pin this on our amazing good looks, winsome charm, well played humor, and obvious humility 😉 (hehehe), but I did probably have upwards of 100 people praying about our housing situation, and particularly my love affair with this one property. So, to give credit where credit is due: Thank you to all my amazing prayer warriors! You guys ROCK, apparently we tipped the cup on this one!!!
For those of you who read this and are near… get ready for some great Game Nights and Metro Groups a la Alspaugh Abode! For those that are far, we’ve officially removed any barrier from your coming to visit us… You no longer have to sleep in the bathtub. We are less than 5 minutes from the airport, and have an entire basement with its own FULL bath… That’s right, this baby has TWO full baths! So pack your bags, and claim your weekend, cause visiting the Nation’s Capital just got one hotel’s charge cheaper**!!!
**disclaimer** Given Caleb’s propensity to hurl himself of any piece of furniture in his attempt to master the art of flying, and Logan’s desire to communicate as often as possible in what can only be described as pure gibberish, we make no guarantee’s as to the peacefulness of said visit, only that you’ll have a freaking awesome time catching up with us!


Whatcha think???? I'd love to know!