Annoying vs. Anointing

I was talking with our sitter today, about her sister and nephews.  I learned more about her sister’s situation, which sounded a bit challenging.  Two littles, with one on the way, and not the most supportive husband.  I casually suggested that she invite her sis and nephews over for a play date here whenever she wanted.  You would have thought she just won the lottery.  I’m serious.  She was practically in tears, and couldn’t text her sister fast enough.  She explained what a God-send some encouraging community could be for her, so I told her there was no limitations to the invite as long as I knew beforehand.

Fast forward to the end of our day, and her mom came by as usual to pick her up.  When the invitation came up her mom made the following comment, “Oh that’s wonderful, then you can anoint her.”.  What I HEARD was, “that’s wonderful, then you can annoy her.”


This was not a shocking statement to me.  I have four kids, and a boisterous personality of my own.  So I didn’t skip a beat when responding, “Oh yeah, we’re real good at annoying people, its kinda our thing.  I mean once you have four kids, you basically just annoy people by existing, so yeah, it will be great.”  They stared at me for a brief second before erupting in laughter, and correcting me.  However, I figured the odds of a first time play date were higher on the annoying and lower on the anointing.

I couldn’t help but chuckle when I walked inside thinking about how many Christians go out with the intent to anoint and end up being rather annoying.  Maybe I’m on to something here…. Just accept our crazy existence with all of our differences can be annoying, and engage in normal life with each other anyway.  Leave the ‘anointing’ to God 🙂


  1. Mama D says:

    Yup, you’re definitely on to something! Too funny! Any luck with Jerry’s boys coming back to play? It could turn out to be a very busy time, filled with an anointing of new annoyances!
    They are all wonderful, really!

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